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  • Written by Samantha Ball

Are you surprised each time you see your monthly power bill? Unsure as to how you could be using so much hot water without realising it? You're not alone. We've gotten so used to using hot water when we don't need to, leading to shockingly high costs that many of us don't know how to manage.

Thankfully, there are multiple simple methods for getting your power bill back to reasonable levels, even during the colder months! Here are six tips for lowering your hot water costs, all without having to undergo any major lifestyle changes:

1. Instal Low-Flow Fixtures 

Investing in a few low-flow fixtures will help you lower your hot water consumption and, as a result, your power bill every month. Low-flow fixtures are typically installed on showerheads and faucets to avoid water waste. They're an ideal solution for those who keep accidentally leaving their taps running.

2. Use More Cold Water

When getting ready in the morning, try incorporating more cold water into your routine. Washing your face with cold water will not only help you lower your hot water costs, but it'll also help you feel awake and refreshed for the day ahead! Additionally, you can use cold water when brushing your teeth, rinsing with mouthwash, and washing your hands.

3. Run Full Loads Only

Don't run the washing machine if you only have a few clothes to throw in. Washing machines take up a ton of energy, so running one unnecessarily will cost you big time. 

To save yourself even more money, only use cold water when washing your clothes. If your clothes aren't covered in blood, dirt, or any other hard-to-remove stains, cold water will get them just as clean as hot water.

4. Have a Heat Trap Installed

Newer water heaters typically have heat traps built-in, but you can also call a professional and have them instal a heat trap on your current water tank. Heat traps help to keep unwanted cold air out of the tank, improving your system's overall efficiency.

5. Fix Leaks Fast

If you spot a leak, get it fixed as soon as you can. That tiny leak can actually do a lot of damage when it comes to your power bill. Even a minor leak of just one drop per second could cost you a $1 every month. That number will be much higher if you have multiple neglected leaks that worsen in severity over time.

6. Upgrade Your Hot Water System

If your hot water system is inefficient and outdated (over a decade old), it may be costing you extra every month. Having your current model repaired or replaced with an updated hot water system could be a fantastic investment, especially if you have concerns over your long-term hot water consumption.

With these six tips, you can reduce your hot water costs in a few weeks. For the best possible results, try to get everyone in the household involved. Put up sticky notes around the house reminding everyone (including yourself) to be mindful of leaks, take shorter showers, and not to run the washing machine for a few loose socks!


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