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  • Written by Oli Kang

We don’t have to say that 2020 did not feel good for anyone. After all, even though things seem to be evolving towards a better life, most of the world still has to deal with restrictions. In addition, there’s always the looming threat of quarantine, which adds to the overall anxiety.

However, even though we’re currently living with restrictions (no travelling abroad, no concerts, no going to a drink with friends after work), hopefully, there will come a time when all these will end (maybe sooner than we expect).

As such, even though it may seem like an eternity has passed, why not use this time to your benefit?

We thought about it and here are three activities that may make living with restrictions a little better.

#1: Improve Your Skillset

Always strive to improve yourself - this is the motto of our fast-changing world where today’s news is tomorrow’s forgotten topics.

So, if you feel you’re going crazy because you can’t socialize as much and there’s nothing between work and home, why not extend your knowledge base?

Due to online classes and other similar resources, you have a lot of options! For instance, you can make yourself more interesting by taking a massage class online. Furthermore, if you’re living with a partner or a friend, they will definitely appreciate being your test subject!

#2: Be More Appreciative

When was the last time you practised gratitude?

We tend to become so focused on ourselves and what’s missing from our lives that it’s difficult to see and appreciate what we have. So, take a piece of paper (yes, paper) and write all the things and people you are grateful for.

Everything should go there - even if it’s your cat or dog’s companionship!

Also, as you identify the people you like having in your life, why not give them a call? Host a Zoom party and let everyone spill their tea about the situation. Don’t judge; just be acceptant of everyone’s issues and let them know they have a friend in you.

You’ll see that your own anxiety will start to dissipate and your friends and family will appreciate you even more. In addition, gratitude is a nice habit to include in your life, as studies show it helps improve your mood and strengthens social bonds.

#3: Change your Environment

Since you are mostly indoors, why not start that redecoration project you’ve been putting off?

Due to home delivery services, there’s almost nothing you can’t order online nowadays. In addition, you get an excuse to spend more time on Pinterest or Instagram, looking for ideas and colour combinations. This way, you will feel like you’re doing something useful instead of scrolling old pictures of the cool vacations you used to have.

The work will make you move (increased physical activity) and will put your brain in a happier mood. Also, if you’re doing this with your partner, it will help both of you feel alive and cheery again.

Lastly, as you get more entrenched in the project, you will feel like the time goes faster. So, with a bit of luck, by the time you finish remodelling the kitchen or bathroom, we’ll be able to travel freely again. This way, you’ll be happy you didn’t waste all that time just pouting on the couch, drinking wine, and browsing Netflix.

Wrap Up

In the end, the decision is yours.

You may get out of this a better person, with extended knowledge and maybe something to brag about, or you may become bitter and bored. Also, restrictions can make day-to-day life dull and unsavoury (especially if you’re doing everything from home!). So, a new hobby or a new activity can turn things around.


Oli Kang is a working mum who has a passion for teaching and all things educational. With a background in marketing, Oli manages the digital channels and content at Courses AU.


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