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It’s never an easy thing to break free from your habits. Just like how the conventional saying goes, old habits die hard. This particular saying is true for people who are already accustomed to smoking and have been doing this activity for a long now.

Although many people may say that it’s just a matter of determination to get through this condition, other vital aspects could affect one’s recovery from smoking. Particularly, having a reliable support system is essential in motivating a person to pursue recovery. 

Aside from nicotine replacement therapy, prescription drugs, or prescribed nicotine vapes such as Australian e-cigarettes by Smokefree Clinic and other trusted brands, having a strong support system can help you stop smoking.

The Role Of Support Systems When Quitting Smoking 

When dealing with any type of addiction, be it in alcohol, addictive substances, or cigarettes, one must know that having a support system could have a huge impact on the outcome of their objectives. Likewise, it’s important to know that these conditions are treatable, especially if you know the right people to seek help from and the appropriate things to do.  

To begin with, you might want to consider asking for help from your loved ones and the people around you. Whether you believe it or not, this method could benefit you in more ways than one. To know about them, continue reading this article: 

  • 1. Boosts Morale 

One of the many good things about having a support system or a support group is that it allows people to boost each other’s morale. They can also celebrate milestones in your recovery journey with you, no matter how big or small. Having someone to lean on throughout your rehabilitation could significantly enhance your determination to live a smoke-free life.

Intrinsically, there are three core groups of people that make for a solid support system, which may include your family, friends, and colleagues. Although the level of support you’ll get from these people may vary, know that their encouragement and support could significantly help you quit smoking without much hassle. 

  • 2. Provides Assistance

Aside from boosting your morale, another notable advantage you can get from a support system includes emotional help and material assistance. Among these types of supports, the best thing you can get is emotional support. In a simpler perspective, emotional support entails love, trust, empathy, and care from the people around you. They can also remind you why you’re quitting in the first place when the going gets hard.

Your support group may provide you with several types of assistance. Your support system may provide service and aid, like helping you go to therapy or financial assistance. They may also help you get away from your triggers.

  • 3. Offers Guidance  

Whenever you’re having a hard time controlling your urge to smoke, you can turn to your support system and ask for their guidance on how to manage your condition. In such aspects, a support system may be of great value in helping you monitor your behaviour, help in your decision-making, and encourage you to pursue recovery.

These people may also help you know the things that you need to improve on. They can do this by pointing out your actions that may hinder your recovery. Then, they can gently lead you away from those actions. These are some of the best ways to help people overcome their smoking habits without making them feel bad about themselves.  

Because your support system may consist of people who struggled with the same condition, there are lesser chances of getting ridiculed and judged so you can share your sentiments freely.  

  • 4. Alleviates Mental Stress 

Having a support system is one of the most efficient ways to help you cope with smoking. Although there are plenty of available treatment options you can choose from, there’s no denying the number of benefits you can gain from having a solid support system. 

You might experience ups and downs in your recovery journey. Some days might be good. But, there may be days when the urge to smoke is extremely bad. You might also relapse and get back into smoking. These instances can take a toll on your mental health.

Fortunately, your support system can offer you a listening ear and a helping hand.


Quitting your smoking habits may not be easy, but it can be achieved eventually. But first, you must know the appropriate measures you need to take to better achieve your purposes.

For starters, you might seek help from professionals who can introduce you to occupational therapy and behavioural therapy. Aside from that, you must remember to ask for assistance from your support systems as they’re the ones that could help you overcome your condition. 

Through these people, you have better chances of quitting smoking and leading a healthier life.


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