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  • Written by Chloe Taylor

New moms have so much on their plate, that they often don’t get enough credit for all their hard work. Being a new mom and juggling everything is typically challenging, and sometimes downright frustrating. Aside from taking care of the baby, you have to juggle your work and multiple household chores. Therefore, adopting some hacks can make your life much easier and more stress-free, especially if you’re a mom to a newborn or even a toddler. For that particular reason, here are some tips that will help you pull everything off with ease.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

As a new mom, you’re perfectly free to do things on your own. However, if things get too hectic, you should ask someone to lend you a hand. That can be your spouse, your parents, an in-law or maybe a friend. Additionally, hiring a professional nanny is also a good idea, if you have enough budget to make that happen. Remember that you have nothing to prove to anyone when it comes to your own skills and capability. Your sole priority should be your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your little one.

Try to create a routine that works for you

Having a flexible routine is half the job done. When you know what to expect throughout the day, you’ll also be able to accommodate your needs while dealing with everything that’s on your to-do list. Your routine should leave you enough room to do your work, take care of the baby and have some time for yourself. When you’re in control of your own time, you can do everything, including getting things that can help you be a better first-time mom.

Let technology help you along the way

Thanks to technological advancements, it’s now possible to be more organized, efficient and carefree. That also means that you, as a new parent, can rely on the internet and various apps to help you navigate the early days of parenthood. For example, you can download the practical Mumli motherhood app, that gives you a chance to meet other parents, and swap tips regarding child-rearing. Plus, you get various content to keep you educated and occupied if you’re ever in need to learn something new. Using technology can be of great help, especially if you’re a new parent who needs maximum guidance and support.

Learn to prioritize properly

When you know your priorities, it’s so much easier to juggle everything else. Usually, new moms tend to prioritize their baby, and their work. But, there will be moments when you’ll have to sacrifice work in favor of your baby’s well being, and that’s perfectly fine, especially if you don’t have anyone to look after the little one. If you have many things on your plate, then learn how to prioritize properly, as that will help you take care of everything in a timely manner.

Make some time for yourself

New moms need to have some peace and quiet too. Therefore, if you’re thinking about reading a book, watching your favorite TV series, or simply scrolling down your phone, you’re totally free to do that. You should also make time to go for a walk, go to a doctor appointment, meet your old friends for a coffee or treat yourself to a beauty treatment. Just because you have many things to take care of doesn’t mean you should make time for yourself. You deserve to relax, have fun and enjoy yourself from time to time, so make sure to create a routine that will allow you to have that.

Accept that everything is temporary

Raising a newborn can be a stressful period, marked by lack of sleep and constant worrying. However, once you accept that everything is temporary, you’ll be able to relax, and enjoy the experience as much as possible in such early stages of parenting. If you’re a working mom who feels lost, remember that as the baby grows, you’ll find it easier to juggle parenting and work.


Being a first-time mom requires a lot of patience, self-love and calmness. When you add work to the mix, things can definitely become more challenging. These tips will help you along the way, however, feel free to include your own that work for you. Relying on technology, asking for help and connecting to other young parents will help you juggle your work and child-rearing in a successful and kind way.


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