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Babies are adorable. We all love playing with them and enjoying their cute little antics. It is fun watching kids explore and discover new things every day. Babies enter this world with a clean slate and whatever they see and observe gets embedded in their brain. The initial years of an individual’s life are momentous in moulding the personality that a person would have as an adult. Therefore, it is essential to give babies a healthy and satisfactory environment to grow.

Often with babies, a set routine of activities is observed every day such as feeding, massaging them with baby massage oil, playtime, bathing, etc. However, while fulfilling all the basic needs of the baby, one must also ensure that they meet all the other secondary needs. The child’s emotional and mental development is as crucial as physical growth. Hence, as parents, we should always ensure that our babies are happy and content with their surroundings.

Making sure your little munchkin stays happy is not a complicated job. Besides, you are the parent and no one other than you would know how to make your baby comfortable. So, sit back and relax while we take you through some tips and tricks on how to make sure you do not miss out on a few details that might make your baby unhappy.

  1. Understand Your Baby’s Emotions:

Your baby cannot verbalise her feelings yet; therefore, you must pick on the cues presented through their expression of emotions. As your baby reaches six months of age, they would be more expressive with what makes them happy or sad. If you grab away their favourite toy, they might scream and wail. On the other hand, they might shoot a toothless grin at you when you enter the room. Their expression of emotions in unfiltered.

According to Lise Eliot, author of ‘What is Going on in There? How the Brain and Mind Develop in The First Five Years of Life’ and a renown pediatric neuroscientist, this unfiltered expression of emotions is because the baby’s cerebral cortex is not fully functional yet. The cerebral cortex is the part of the brain that is responsible for controlling mood and behaviours.

Since your baby does not have much control over his or her behaviour, it is best that you try and understand their feelings and help resolve them. It will make them feel appreciated, and they can learn better how to express themselves rather than bottling up their emotions.

  1. Spend Time with Your Baby:

Have you noticed how your baby wants you all the time? It is because of the physical presence of their mother or father makes the baby happy and cheerful. In the early days of life, your baby wants you the most. They would expect you to sit right there with you while they play with their toys. As sweet as it may sound, it may get very debilitating since as adults, we have a hoard of chores and tasks to get done. However, if the child’s happiness is your utmost priority, spend the most time you can with them.

You can schedule all your tasks and chores during times when the baby sleeps or is having some screen period. Other times make sure you give your baby the needed attention and play around with them. Playtime is imperative for a baby’s mental and physical development. If you play with them, they will be motivated and enticed to explore and have more fun. It will be excellent for the progress of your baby and will make them a content tiny human.

  1. Let Your Baby Explore:

Babies love exploring. It is their way of learning about new things in their environment. Often, it gets very exhausting for the parents to run around keeping babies away from harm’s way. Since babies love to touch and feel anything and everything they find new, it can also, at times, mean babies getting around things that may be dangerous.

Even though a constant watch must be kept over the babies to ensure their safety, you should also allow babies to explore and discover things on their own. Letting babies move around independently and learning things is very crucial for the baby’s learning and development.

  1. Give Your Baby Space to Vent Their Emotions:

Do you feel mad when somebody tells you to quit crying when you feel like wailing on the top of your lungs? Expressing emotions is a good thing. It is healthy and lets out all the feelings instead of keeping them bottled up inside. Bottled up emotions may turn into frustration and anger issues later on in life. Expressing emotions and letting feelings out in a healthy way is essential even for adults.

Since your baby does not understand what they are feeling and why they are feeling it, it is best to let them pour out their heart. If they are upset and want to throw a tantrum, let them. As a good parent, you should be by their side and wait until the feelings subside. Expressing their emotions is necessary to ensure they stay happy and content. It will also make sure that in the long-term, your baby becomes a satisfied and emotionally stable adult.

  1. Set A Good Example:

You are your baby’s role model. You will be their first example of how to do things. If you want your baby to stay happy and content with a cheerful personality, you need to show them how to remain glad and joyful. Show them how to be pleased with the little things that happen daily in their life. Happiness is infectious. Cultivate an environment of joy and thankfulness and see how your baby turns out to be a happy little munchkin.

  1. Teach Your Baby New Skills:

It is human nature to feel accomplished by mastering a new skill or task. The resulting recognition and praise lead to self-contentment and satisfaction. It is the reason why when your baby takes their first steps, they will always show signs of excitement and enthusiasm. Also, when you see them walking and clap as a sign of recognition, the baby laughs and reacts with joy.

You can learn to draw with your baby, help them play the piano, or assist them in driving a tricycle; all these activities will help in ensuring that your baby achieves all their developmental milestones along with keeping your baby happy and active.


Making your baby happy and satisfied is not a tricky job. Just make sure you meet all their basic needs, along with giving them the proper care and attention. It will ensure your baby stays happy, pleased and turns into a responsible, content adult.


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