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Bottle-feeding a baby isn’t always easy. We often hear of how painful and challenging breastfeeding can be, but bottle-feeding can also be a great difficulty. Ensuring your little one is able to meet every milestone and developmental benchmark starts with good nutrition. So, here are five things all parents need to know about bottle-feeding a baby:

Make The Experience Special

All you really need is the best baby formula to make bottle-feeding a bonding experience. Breastfeeding is known for providing children with more than just nutrition, but much of the bonding occurs through eye contact. It is now known by scientists that the child’s brain undergoes significant development through the creation of new neural pathways when their gaze is held during feeding time. Carry this benefit over into your bottle-feeding routine by being attentive to your baby’s eye contact.

Get Your Method Down: It’s Up To The Baby

Not every baby feeds the same way. For that reason, there isn't a single feeding method that can be applied to every baby at every feed. You must learn to read your baby’s body language and get to know how they prefer to feed.

Some babies will drink fast and are prone to getting wind because they swallow too quickly. Other babies become distracted and require some encouragement. Babies that are slow to drink and slow to gain weight have been found to drink quickly and well when they are fed in a cold environment, like an airconditioned room. 

You’re Still A Great Mother 

The saying “breast is best” might be true, but it haunts many women unfairly. Whether you choose to breastfeed, bottle-feed breastmilk, or formula feed, it is important to remember that a nourished baby is the most important outcome.

You’re also not alone. More and more women are turning to science to feed their babies, and with this move, the development of infant feeding bottles is improving. Bottle-feeding enables mothers to return to work and utilize caregiver services to help with child-rearing duties. Don’t waste precious time or energy on feeling guilty if this is something you have to do.

Never Leave Baby Alone With A Bottle (Don’t Prop It Up)

Remember that babies do not have the neck strength to turn their heads away if they need to breathe or if the milk comes too fast. So, never leave a baby alone with a bottle, never prop up a bottle, and never leave a baby in a situation that may result in milk being inhaled or going down too fast. Babies may not be able to cry if they choke, meaning you will not be aware that there is a problem until it is too late.

Know How To Burp Your Baby Post-Feeds                                                                     It is common for both breast and bottle-fed babies to experience wind after feeding. When babies swallow air with their milk, it can cause them great pain and often results in the milk coming back up, causing an unsuccessful feed. There’s more than one way to burp a baby. It is best to consult with your pediatrician if common methods, such as patting on the back, aren’t working.        

Enjoy Bottle-Feeding

The feeds might feel so frequent in the early days that all you can do is get through them. Being a new parent is exhausting as you find your feet. If possible, try to share the feeds with another caregiver, as this will allow you to take greater pleasure in the feeds you give. Remember – the days are long, but the years are short.


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