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Recently Max Verstappen, the famous Dutch Formula 1 driver, has been named the “Best Formula 1 pilot of the year 2021”. The top guy of the RB Racing team acquired the most votes during a driver's election for the best driver 2021 held by Formula 1 officials.

Verstappen #1 on the top 10 list among drivers

All drivers that were part of this election could compile their own top 10 list, of which the different rankings would get the driver’s different amounts of points. The drivers could also note themselves down in the top 10.

Top 10 best Formula 1 drivers 2021

Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, and Lando Norris were on top of the “Drivers Choice Awards”. The top best racers for 2021 list continued by other great pilots like Carlos Sainz, Charles Leclerc and Fernando Alonso, among several others. The Dutch driver was already voted as 2021’s best Formula 1 driver by several of the owners of the driving teams. Many experienced punters have placed bets on the Formula 1 this year, and if you consider doing the same, check out, which lists all the latest bookmakers and their current bonus list.

Some drivers decided not to vote

During the voting for best driver of 2021, only 14 out of the 20 total drivers filled their top 10 lists. Verstappen was among those that didn’t fill in the list, as were some other drivers. It didn’t make sense to him as the drivers were allowed to fill in their names.

What’s next for Verstappen?

According to our sources, the top Formula 1 hunk is enjoying a short holiday before the Formula 1 test weekends begin. Fresh new 2022 season of the top racing series will begin on March 20 in Bahrain. Don’t forget this date, fans!


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