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While we wait for Australian quarantines & lockdowns to reemerge in our lives somewhat like unwanted but old companions, the major problem is: what are we going to do with this massive abundance of additional free time? Having said that, even though you are locked on the inside does not really imply you have to be locked on activities as well. By indulging in either of the following interesting and entertaining interior tasks, anyone may transform all of the unpleasant emotions related with confinement in 2021 and make it transform into nothing but good memories.

The hunt for 'stuff to burn time at house' is no longer necessary when you could just dip your toes into such a diverse selection of home time-enhancing hobbies & creative ideas. Whatever your level of experience, there really is no better opportunity than that of the current situation to roll up your sleeves, and indulge in these activities.

Playing online games

Games such as FPS (First Person Shooters), puzzle games , strategic and tactical war games, city-building simulation games, and perhaps even split-screen multiplayer board games are easily accessible.

However, If you're not as skilled or armed as the general gamer and feel that nowadays' gaming is too complex and expensive for you, here’s some examples of alternative games which can be accessed on any computer or phone and change your whole perspective towards the world of online gaming!

Try your luck at Online Casinos

If you have a knack for the gambler’s life and you’re feeling the need of a little fix of wagering, there’s plenty of Australian Casino sites which offer all kinds of casino games, and you can start betting with as little as 20 cents, giving you more playing time to enjoy the thrills from games of chance, while being less aggressive towards your betting funds.

Test your internet surfing skills on The Wiki Game

It's called the Wiki Game since it's modeled on pages and postings on Wikipedia. In order to complete the challenge, you must try to go from one main article to a completely different target article through nothing but hyperlinks found within the chain of articles. The goal is to find the desired page with the least clicks possible.

See if you have what it takes to guess every location spot on at GeoGuessr!

Using Google Maps' Street View feature, GeoGuessr takes you across the globe, and ones aim is to determine where you're at by putting a point anywhere on the map of the world. How many points you get is based on the distance your prediction is to the specific place of the scene. You may choose from a variety of different layouts to narrow down the probable sites.

Streaming Entertainment

There’s plenty of sources to find all kinds of entertainment online nowadays. Thanks to the internet you can access just about anything for very little money or in some cases even for free.

Streaming movies & TV shows
is the most popular form of online entertainment and there are many platforms to do so from anywhere around the world. Some of these platforms are Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and of course, Netflix, which took the world by storm. These organizations provide wide varieties of all kinds of movies from all categories, and they do it for a cheap monthly price.

Streaming Music & Podcasts
is another very popular means of online entertainment, especially for those who like to keep themselves entertained while they multitask. Audio streaming platforms made specifically for artists to share their music and influencers to share their podcasts can be used for free. Some examples of these kinds of platforms are Spotify, Soundcloud, and more.

is a streaming category in itself with an endless array of sub-categories. You can find just about anything on youtube, whether you’re looking for something meaningless to keep you from staring into the walls of your bedroom, or if you want to learn something new, or if you want to see if a certain video game is good for you to buy in the future, the possibilities are endless when it comes to youtube, which is also known as the largest video database on the planet.

Ebooks -
There are various methods to view ebooks at no expense across the web that you may not be aware of. One of the best ways to keep yourself entertained online is through reading ebooks. There are a few excellent sites where you may get free audiobooks, with topics spanning from ancient history to contemporary literature. A good text may keep you entertained for days, and you could have hundreds of different stories ready on your smartphone at any occasion. You could also find all kinds of comics online, ranging from Vertigo, Marvel, DC, and more!


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