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Divorce is a hard decision to make. The process is made all the more complex and significant when you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have kids together. While your family's past will significantly impact the future, it is as important to choose the right lawyer.

Remember that you are not required to choose the first lawyer you speak with while going through a divorce and searching for legal representation. Selecting the best solicitor to represent you is one of the most crucial decisions regarding your divorce.

So, in this article, we at Family lawyers Canberra are going to list four questions that you must ask your lawyer.

#1. What Is Your Level Of Experience?

Depending on your situation, you might want to work with an experienced lawyer. At the same time, you would like to confirm that Family lawyers Canberra is knowledgeable in the law as it relates to family matters.

Find out about the lawyer's background, track record, how frequently their cases are settled out of court, and whether they have dealt with more of one type of case than another.

#2. What Are My Options?

What your options are should be the second question you must be asking. Now that you know the lawyer's or firm's preferred method of handling custody disputes, you should verify whether they provide you with the full picture.

While this might be a question you want to ask every lawyer you speak with, you might want to enquire further about this, in particular with any lawyer who seems unduly eager to take you to court.

#3. What Should I Anticipate As A Client?

When choosing to hire Family lawyers in Newcastle, you will surely have high hopes for him or them, but you must create a working action plan. For example, inquire about the overall anticipated cost and the variables that could affect it.

Also, find out from the lawyer what you may anticipate from them and what they anticipate from you. You wouldn't want to take any actions that would compromise your case.

#4. How Much Will This Cost?

Surprise legal costs can be very annoying. They might also cause you to lose faith in your lawyer. When you first meet with your lawyer, you should go over your requirements for a retainer and your expectations for legal cost budgets. Then, select a lawyer whose pricing strategy suits your needs.

#5. What Is The Most Probable Scenario In My Situation?

It makes sense that you would want to hire a family lawyer that you know will be able to assist you to obtain what you need with a favorable conclusion, so it's important to ask them upfront. Instead of seeking the solution you desire, seek plain honesty. Describe your situation and ask upfront about your chances and the state of affairs.


Asking the appropriate questions while dealing with a family law issue will help you select the best solicitor for your particular situation. The legal team at Family lawyers Newcastle can help you get the best legal counsel for you.


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