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As much as it is important for us to pay our bills, eat, take care of our families and so on, it is also important to take time-out every now and then to re-centre ourselves. When you do not, you could eventually head towards a breakdown in some form, so instead of letting it get there, if you feel you are handling too much, take a step back and see for yourself. The good thing is that we now have a multitude of resources at our discretion, allowing us to explore different options. Different things work for different people, based on their individual requirements. These are a few simple things you could do to help bring your entire being back into focus.


This is the most basic lesson taught in every meditation practice around the world. Breathing is the very foundation of meditation, so before mastering anything else, you need to master this. The wonderful thing about this once you get into the swing of things, is that you can do it anywhere you are. If you are someone who is generally anxious or tend to worry a lot, you can control any stressful situation simply by controlling your breathing. It does take some practice, but it is completely worth it.


Now you can learn meditation. Problem is, many people are actually not able to sit down and calm themselves at will. Even though you might have gotten the hang of the breathing techniques, the act of sitting still for more than 10 minutes is more than some can bear. We are so used to being on the run, always rushing for our next appointment, that our bodies too have somewhat wired themselves the same way. Meditation is the key to finding solitude again, practised by millions all over the world. You can easily locate meditation teachers everywhere as well. For instance, Melbourne Wellness is an option you can look at for assistance if you live there.

Practice Doing Nothing

Again like meditation, this might be hard for some people, but if you are someone who is just constantly on the run from AM to PM, then this is especially for you. Just take a few minutes every day to do nothing. Go out for a walk in the park, or just out in your backyard. Really pay attention to your surroundings. This also helps with another foundation in meditation: mindfulness. Not thinking about the past or the future, but wholly being present with the present. It can be an incredibly powerful tool, and brings instant calm as well.

Focus On a Hobby

As children, we are really into our hobbies but as we grow older, we tend to leave them behind. Not because we want to, but because adult life demands too much out of us, leaving little time to do the things that really bring us joy. So why not re-visit your childhood and set aside an hour or two a week to indulge in your hobbies again? It will definitely help you re-energise and effortlessly so. Sometimes, re-connecting with the things that truly make us happy is the answer.



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