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  • Written by Barney Whistance

Eyes are the mirror of the soul. Yes, but what about your eyebrows? They act as a canvas in your eye portion. “Yes, they do”. A proper and well-shaped eyebrow really acts like a canvas in your eye portion. Because the shape of your eyebrows provides the shape and space in your eyelids, this given shape and space is being used to apply makeup and other things to enhance the beauty of your eye.

Your eyes are the first and important feature of your face, which is being noticed by everyone when you interact with anyone. Some people who have sharp observation sense can judge people by seeing their eyes. Even some people can identify that the speaker is telling a lie by looking in his/her eyes. And while noticing anyone’s eyes, the first prominent feature which enhances itself very loudly is your eyebrows. So, it is quite important to maintain an attractive eyebrow, so that the beauty of your eye can be increased. Well, Today’s updated and well-informed ladies are really aware from this fact that they have to maintain attractive eyebrows, for that they use many tips and tricks, buy eyebrow makeup online and from markets as well.

Well, we have noticed that the trends for eyebrows get changed almost every day. Yes, we can notice different trends in eyebrows shapes almost every second day. There was a time when thin shaped (the pencil) shaped eyebrows were very in. They were inspired by the 90’s fashion. Nowadays, we can notice that the dark, thick eyebrows trend is Just Inn. So just come back to the main point “the tips for achieving attractive eyebrows. So, let’s just check out the tips, tricks and some ways that can help us to have an attractive eyebrow.

Identify the perfect eyebrow shape for your face shape

It is a very important step for having an attractive eyebrow because it will look attractive only if it is accord to the face shape. So, if you have a round face shape then try to create as high an arch as you can, there is a big no to rounded brow shape for people having round shape face.

For a long and square-shaped face, you should choose the curved brow shape, soft or hard-angled shaped brows. Try to stay away from thin and short brow shape.

Fill in your eyebrows properly

There are different tools and pallets available for enhancing the beauty of eyebrows. You can play with different tools, as there is a variant range available like eyebrow pencil, powder, shadow and brow mascara.

With these makeup tools try to fill properly those section of your brows where hair growth is less, or where brow shape is ordered less, try to give a proper brow shape, after using a brow pencil, and shadow doesn’t forget to blend them with the help of brow brush.

Use natural remedies to increase eyebrow hair growth

Nature and natural ingredients, what would be better than these things? Give and enhance the beauty of your brows not only by makeup, increase beauty by natural remedies too. As these remedies are proven beneficial and are being recommended by doctors too. So, let’s check out nature’s best-gifted ingredients which are helpful to increase hair growth of brows.

1-Give a massage of coconut and olive oil

Want drastic results? Use them and have it. Massaging coconut oil and olive oil to this targeted area will give you such drastic and amazing results that can be easily seen by everyone.

2-Paste of castor oil and petroleum jelly

Make a paste by adding petroleum jelly, aloe vera gel in castor oil. Massage it on your eyebrow and leave it overnight, then wash it by cool water the next morning. Apply this paste on every night before going to bed for a week or two weeks.

Careful Trimming

The next important point that allows eyebrows to have a proper shape is trimming. After plucking, you must have seen in parlors the beauticians using small scissors for trimming your brows. You can purchase this scissor set and try to trim your brows at home. Whenever you found the brow shape order less, or whenever you found small growing hair making your eyebrows looking off trim them at home with tweezers or scissors.

Use Eyebrow serums to increase hair growth

There are variant serums available in the market which are helpful for hair growth. Sometimes your eyebrows can be over plucked by accidently or you can have a blunder at a parlor in which you may not get the perfect required shape, so in that case, the growth of brows can be affected. Sometimes hair has grown back in those parts or may end up with a slow growth rate, so you should immediately go in for hair growth serums. It's always worth shopping around to see if there is a thick and full brow enhancing serum deal available that you can take advantage of to help you save some money on this new purchase.


So, we have often seen people neglecting the importance and maintaining the beauty of eyebrows by thinking in mind that it is not as necessary as the other feature of the body are. But it should not be neglected as it is one of the most noticeable features in your face. So, it is a kind of mandatory to follow these tips for having an attractive and beautiful eyebrow to enhance the beauty of your face and can be a proud owner of thick, dark and beautiful eyebrows.


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