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Hera is a Korean luxury beauty brand that has been known for its classic skincare and makeup products all over the world. This company became a people’s favorite globally when they left behind the global sensation channel in the 1999 Novation Japan and Korea survey Brand Equity Index.

Hera Skincare is a name that stands for enhancing the beauty of the user and giving them a natural charm. The smooth texture and high-quality formulas of their products especially Hera Skincare products are what make the brand most wanted by its customers.

They stand for the quality and classic style of their products. Hera has a large number of happy customers all over the world and their products disappear from the racks very quickly. If you haven’t tried some of their most wanted products, then you need to read on and get them on your bucket list.


A good foundation means a good day or evening out. Women in particular love it when they find the perfect foundation. The Hera Black Foundation with SPF 15 had a moisture-filled smooth formula that not only provides full c0obverage but also hydrates your skin. It comes in a variety of tones to make it easy for you to find our perfect match. The best part is that this foundation comes infused with SPF 15 which provides you extra protection from the sun.

Although it’s smooth and creamy, it still provides you with a matte finish and stays on for almost 24 hours.


The Hera Brow Designer Auto Pencil makes your dream of having perfectly defined eyebrows come to life! This pencil is designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of shaping your eyebrows. The texture is smooth and powdery and leaves a neat finish on your eyebrows giving them a natural look. This product comes in different colors to match the shade of your eyebrows.


This is a cult favorite product of many people worldwide because of its flawless finish and its capacity to provide its user with smooth and glowing skin. This product was first launched in 2017 and it made waves in the market.

This product is easily blendable on the skin and has the potential to give you smooth and neat-looking skin while hiding all the imperfections. You can wear it once and it will last up to 24 hours. The cushion is non-darkening and has a non-caky formula which allows you to wear it with confidence all day. Another great thing about this cushion is that it is transfer proof which means you can touch your face or wear a mask without having to worry about it being removed. This product is labeled as the best cushion for Asian skin, so if you are an Asian and are looking for the best cushion out there, this is the one for you!

All three products listed are easily available on the Sensoo Skincare website and will be delivered to your doorstep within a short time.


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