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Has your back been hurting a lot lately? Does it feel like someone has put plenty of bricks on it and you can’t stand up straight? Well, back pain can happen because of a lot of reasons. It is such a common condition that almost 80% of people miss a day’s work due to it, and have to visit the doctor.

With our modern lives becoming crazy busy, we rarely find time to take good care of our health. So what to do when back pain hits you hard and you can’t function properly? It is time that we share some very effective pain-relieving methods to help stop the back pain from getting worse.


Consuming anti-inflammatory foods regularly can make your body strong against back pain. Drinks like turmeric milk, green tea with ginger and tart cherry juice can build up anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agents in your bloodstream. These strong agents come in really handy when your body needs to reduce or stop inflammatory reactions. So have a healthy drink every day and keep the back pain at bay!


The stronger your bones are, the lesser chances you have of suffering through back pain. Osteoporosis - weak bones - is of the most common reason to cause your back pain. Mostly, females suffer through this ailment and it can be really painful. So, to ensure that your spine is strong and won’t get inflamed, you need to have a quality intake of calcium and vitamin D.

Calcium is easily found in milk, yogurt, leafy vegetables or you can just pop in some good quality supplements. Vitamin D is available in egg yolks, cheese, fatty fish and beef liver. Therefore, the next time you have a yummy cheese omelet, think of it as a healing meal instead of calories.


Being active is one of the best cures for back pain. But, exercising in severe back pain is most of the time nearly impossible. Get in touch with an experienced chiropractor who can provide an ideal chiropractic treatment in Singapore or anywhere you live. When your treatment is over, make a promise to yourself to exercise daily. Plan out a strength training routine that has both back and abdominal fitness exercises. This routine will make your core muscles strong and ensure that there are no muscle spasms or strains. A strong core means a flexible, pain-free back!


When your grandmother told you to stop slouching when you stand, she was right, you know. Good posture is not just about looking but feeling smart too. Slouching, rounding your shoulders or bending your body sideways when you stand is not only going to ruin your figure but also strain your back. The same goes for sitting down, avoid slumping on your desk and keep your back straight.

Choose a good chair for yourself if you have to sit for long hours. Or you can also get a support pillow for your back. Your good posture while you stand or sit will help keep your back stress free and reduce pain effectively.


Yes, we know smoking is a bad and unhealthy habit. But do you know that as long as you smoke, your back pain won’t stop? Yes, you read that right. Smoking does not only harm your lungs but it also makes your blood vessels shrink all over the body. The blood supply to the soft tissues present in your back is restrained and it causes your back to stiff out. So no matter how much you love puffing out ringlets of smoke, quit it before you start looking like Hunchback of Notredame.


One of the many reasons for your back pain could be your stress and increase in anxiety. Now is the ideal time to meditate and release good endorphins in your body. A thoughtful meditation session will help you control your pain level. Just find a dark and cozy place to sit and meditate for about 5-10 minutes every morning. If your mornings are rushed, then meditate during your lunch break or around your bedtime. The more relaxed your mind and body are, the less pain you will feel. If meditation is not your gig, then you can also do breathing exercises. 10 deep and slow breaths in a row will help you feel calm.


A warm pool exercise session is just what you need to strengthen your back without feeling a lot of pain. Exercising in warm water will help your nerves and muscles to soothe down and relax. So look into hydrotherapy pools which are usually 90 degrees or more. You can also go for water exercise classes which are done in 83 to 88 degrees.


One of the best ways to get rid of back pain is to start doing yoga. Your back muscles will get plentiful stretch and there will be a definite increase of healing nutrients in your bloodstream. Start your yoga stretches slowly and increase the count only if your back does not hurt more. Regular yoga stretching will help your spine to become flexible and remove the stiffness and pain from your back.


A night of good sleep is very important if you want to stay healthy and relieve your back pain. Restful sleep will not only lessen the soreness from your back but also keep you fresh and active throughout the day. But what if your back pain does not let you sleep? In that case, you can always go for natural sleeping aids like vitamin C or B6 or valerian or melatonin. Don’t eat any supplements before asking your physician for advice. A good cherry extract drink will also knock you out for quality sleep.


Back pain might be a common problem for many, but finding its cure is somewhat of a trial and error situation. But we have shared some of the most effective pain relief methods with you which have maximum healing effects. Check them out and see which one suits you the best. If your back pain does not get better even after self-care, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with a healthcare professional. Here’s to no more achy, breaky back!


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