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People have been using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years. It has benefits for the mind, body and soul. But did you know that Chinese medicine has a lot to offer for weight loss? 

There may be many possible causes of weight gain but experts in Chinese medicine claim the most common cause of weight gain to be what they call “spleen qi deficiency”. This means that weak digestion does not allow the food to be broken down and digested properly, thus, resulting in weight gain. 

Here are some of the most recommended ways to help weight loss according to Chinese medical science. 

Consume "Warming Foods"

Experts in Chinese medicine recommend not consuming too cold food or drink that damage digestive function. The stomach and spleen do not react well to cold things, they like warm foods. 

So when you are having digestive troubles such as vomiting, nausea, acid reflux, bloating you should consider having warm foods or warm spices in your food such as ginger, turmeric, cinnamon etc. These spices tend to reduce the “internal phlegm” that causes indigestion or inflammation in the stomach. 

Foods to Avoid

Some foods need to be avoided at all costs if you want to lose weight. Although coffee is one of the favourite beverages of most people, it is known to increase inflammation in the stomach, so it should be avoided in favour of weight loss. Instead of coffee, drink oolong tea which is mostly consumed by Chinese for weight loss. Other foods that should be avoided are chocolates, sweets, greasy food, raw food and deep-fried food. These foods weaken the digestive system and make it difficult to lose fat.

Herbal medicine and weight loss

Chinese use different herbs for weight loss. Traditionally, the herbs are used in raw form but can be boiled and used in many ways. Many western practitioners might find it difficult to consume the herbs in their raw form, so they can be used in capsule form. Ask a dietician or Chinese medicine expert for weight loss capsules that contain these herbs and look for prescription drugs online according to your body requirements.  

Don’t Eat Too Late

Chinese medicine practitioners use the term “Chinese medicine clock” that is the human organs function at their best during the day. The most ideal time to consume food is between 7-11 am. This is the time when your stomach is functioning at its peak. So try to eat your “largest” meal of the day during this time frame. This also gives your body time to break down and use that food in the form of fat loss and physical energy.

Strengthen your liver and kidney functions

The liver, kidney and most importantly spleen have the most impact on your ability to lose weight. When these organs are functioning their best, it is easy to lose weight and maintain it. Consume pre-biotic, probiotic-rich sources that help the liver and kidneys eradicate toxins from the body.


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