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  • Written by Jenny Craig

While many Aussies enjoy treating themselves to a new fashion purchase, a recent study from Jenny Craig exposes just how neglected and out of shape Aussie wardrobes really are. Alarmingly, three quarters (76%) of Australians own clothes in their wardrobe they never wear; with a third (31%) owning clothes that still have the store tags on them.

The top reasons for avoiding certain items in the wardrobe are because they are simply too small (36%), they no longer like the style (20%), or they do not feel comfortable in them (14%). Despite this, there is no rush for an inventory sweep, with nearly two-thirds (64%) holding onto clothes in the hope that they will once again fit into them, and a staggering third holding on to these clothes for more than five years. 

What is clear is this mentality is driven by the strong emotional connection Australians hold to their clothes and the way they make them feel, with nearly half (42%) feeling upset when clothes no longer fit them. In fact, one in five (22%) actively avoid looking in the mirror when getting dressed, and 16% have also avoided social events as they didn’t feel comfortable in what they were wearing.

In addition, nearly half (45%) of Australians would consider clothes and how you feel in them to be one of the biggest sources of motivation for losing weight. Half of Australians changed weight during the pandemic in 2020 and 73% of the country are now planning to lose weight in 2021, which will have a potentially significant impact on their wardrobes.

Although shedding kilos might increase confidence, the impact on your wallet is less fashionable, with nine in ten Aussies (92%) admitting to spending up to $1,000 on a new wardrobe after losing weight. Over a third (37%) of Aussies are planning to buy new clothes but are delaying doing so, mostly due to cost (51%), not knowing where to start (18%) or feeling uncomfortable visiting a clothing store (31%) and 40% admit they do not know how to dress for their shape. 

Laura Ford, Dietitian at Jenny Craig, said: ‘Treating yourself to new clothes should be an enjoyable experience, especially as you lose weight. However, our data shows that people are holding onto old clothes that don’t fit and can be hesitant to update their wardrobes. As you lose weight, celebrating with new clothes is not only a fantastic non-scale reward, but it can also be a really positive experience and help you feel confident and comfortable as your shape changes. Changing a few key items in your wardrobe can help you feel good about yourself every step of the way and contribute to a positive mindset, that will ultimately help you continue on your journey.’

About Jenny Craig: Founded in 1983 in Melbourne, Jenny Craig is one of the largest assisted weight management companies in the world. They offer their members unparalleled support with weight loss consultants to guide them through their weight loss journey. They plan (and provide) their members with the meals to suit their lifestyle, including snacks each day. Jenny Craig provides the basics to help members develop a healthy lifestyle, and as they near closer to their goal weight, they learn how to prepare their own recipes and plan their menus using everyday foods to manage their weight healthily in the long term. Once they reach their goal, members will have the skills and knowledge to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To read more about Jenny Craig please go to the website:

About the Research: Jenny Craig commissioned PureProfile to conduct an online survey in December 2020. The survey was a nationally representative sample of 1,000 Australian adult respondents (18+). The survey was carried out online.


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