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Dental crowns are dental caps that are designed to replicate your teeths’ function. They are installed to strengthen weak teeth, protect damaged teeth and retain a nice aesthetic.

They are installed if a patient’s tooth is badly damaged and needs fixing. Your dentist will take an X-ray of the affected area before undertaking a root canal procedure. Once this is completed, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth before producing a dental crown that fits in the mouth properly.

Dental crowns are designed to provide enhanced oral hygiene but for this to occur you should undertake your own care tips so that the dental crown’s efficiency is upheld.

If you have been considering the best dental crown South Yarra has on offer, here is how you should ensure it maintains its ability over time:

  1. Take care of your oral hygiene

Oh, of course this was going to be the first thing on the list! But it’s absolutely true - to maintain the integrity of any dental work you should continue to practise good oral hygiene.

You know what’s coming next: flossing, brushing twice daily, rinsing your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash - they are all part and parcel of ensuring your new dental crown is one that is going to help you improve your overall oral hygiene!

  1. Drop the vices

Okay, we know it’s hard to give up vices. Things like social drinking (especially in Oz!) and smoking is very difficult to give up, and we know this blog might not necessarily have a major impact on you giving up the beers and cigs, but if you’ve been considering it for your general health and are soon receiving dental crowns then, guess what? You have an even newer reason to go through with it!

Anything chemical-based like cigarettes and alcohol is going to be bad for your oral hygiene in the same way they are bad for your health - giving them up can help your new dental work’s longevity. If you are seriously concerned about your alcohol intake, maybe now is the time to ask am I an alcoholic? and take steps to reduce your intake for the health of your body as well as your teeth.

  1. Be mindful about grinding

Grinding your teeth is bad for your teeth - we couldn’t say it any more simply! Not only is it bad for your teeth’s fundamental makeup, but it can be really bad for your dental crown’s integrity.

We understand that you may grind as a result of stress or anxiety, and this can make it difficult to stop. But if you can try and be mindful about it - as well as try wearing a mouthguard to bed - you could greatly reduce your grinding which can help your crown!

  1. Watch your diet

In the same way that drinking and smoking is terrible for your dental crown and oral hygiene, a poor diet has pretty much the same effect. Why? Because anything that is bad for your body is bad for your teeth, too!

Things like excessive sugary drink consumption is a one-way road to tooth decay, and this will only cause major problems for any dental work you’ve had (including crown installation).

  1. See your dentist

Your dentist is there to ensure your crown maintains a high level of integrity as the years go by. You may want to continue visiting your dentist in the months after you have your dental crown installed, as they can provide information on its progress as well as any specific advice that could be good for the crown and your oral health.

We hope these tips have been useful and will help you take good care of your teeth and, especially, your important new crown!


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