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  • Written by Scott Gooding

There’s no doubt that most of us are busy with commitments stemming from work, to friends and our social lives, to family and of course working out. This can often mean that our health and diet needs are not always met.

Nutrient Boost Every Meal

There’s no doubt that most of us are busy with commitments stemming from work, to friends and our social lives, to family and of course working out. This can often mean that our health and diet needs are not always met.

I you don’t have time to get sick or run down, then why don’t you try boosting the nutrient level in every meal.

Add spices such as Turmeric to your meals for its anti-inflammatory properties, add sprouts (such as alfalfa sprouts) as they are very high in nutrients, make sure there is always something green and leafy in your meals and if you are finding that you are starting to feel under the weather, add in vitamin C rich foods such as capsicum.

Try to always have these extras in your cupboard/ fridge so that you can easily maximize any meal that you have on the go.

Avoid Caffeine if You are Stressed

Don’t hate me, but drinking caffeine when you are stressed or anxious is only going to make things worse.

It is also inflammatory to your body, and caffeine also prevents your body from absorbing iron, so it is causing more harm than good.

If you are tried or stressed out, try to find a caffeine free alternative to tea or coffee to have in your breaks instead.

Turn Off Your Phone and Electronics Off 2 Hours Before Bed

I understand that after work is the best time to catch up with friends and see what is happening on social media but it’s important to switch off before bedtime so that you have a restful sleep and can prepare for the day ahead.

The screen on your devices emits a blue light which actually turns off your melatonin which is your sleep hormone. This hormone naturally begins to be produced by the body when the sun goes done and it helps prepare you for a good sleep.

If you stay up staring at your screens, you are less likely to have a restful sleep and furthermore, you will probably be thinking about the million things that are going on in your life rather than winding down.

If you need to use that time to catch up on things, try to turn everything off by 8 or 830pm to give yourself some time to wind down before bed.

Exercise in the Morning:

I know many of us think that we are not morning people and that is fine, but try it out for 3 weeks and see if you can’t make it a habit.

Training in the morning means that you get your blood pumping, your metabolism revved up and your muscles working, helping your get energised and start that day right. Furthermore, it is a great way to enjoy the day and feel like you have done something for yourself before you get into the office.

If you train in the morning, you are also less likely to talk yourself out of it throughout the day so you are less likely to miss your workouts.

Get Up On the Hour, Every Hour

Many of us have desk jobs, or lead sedentary lifestyles in general which is negative for our health, especially if you are going from your bed, to your car, to your desk, to your car, to your couch and back to your bed.

To help offset the damage done but sitting all day, I would suggest that you aim to get up on the hour. Get up and do some stretches, walk to the water cooler so that you can also get the added benefit of remaining hydrated and make sure you take a walk at lunch time.

The more incidental movement that you do, the better!

By Scott Gooding, Scott Gooding Project

About Fitness Passport

Fitness Passport was founded by Ben Lucas who is the Owner and co-founder of Flow Athletic and founder of Flow After Dark silent yoga discos which are taking Australia by storm. There will be 5-6 more events Australia wide in 2016.

Fitness Passport is an online series which is essentially a Getaway style show for health and fitness.

Ben and co-hosts, Dylan Rivier and Victoria Burdon go around trialing new workouts and interesting health spots with the intention of showing the audience what is out there and what to expect if they were to try it out as well as giving them helpful tips and tricks to living a healthier life.

The goal is to get the audience inspired to try something new/ be active/ get healthy.

Videographer is  Augustin Chauvet.



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