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Selecting the right window awnings and blinds is often the cherry-on-top of a perfect home. Adding that small touch of design and practicality goes a long way, and is one of the first things your guests will notice when they pull up to your home. But with so many options, how do you choose the right style for your unique home? Follow this simple guide to recognising what you need and how it can give your home the facelift it needs.


Position is everything


There is not one-size-fits all when it comes to outdoor blinds. Literally, and figuratively. What you put on the front of your home that gets constant direct sunlight will be different to the back of your home with less frequent sunlight. Choose window awnings that will stand the elements year round. The position of the outdoor blinds will also influence your choice of blinds, taking into account much coverage you want from the inside.


If your inside room is a TV room, then light filtering through will not be high on the list and window awnings are the way to go. A sun room will need far more light, and you might look to install some outdoor shutters so you can control the light coming in.


Colour Longevity


When you are digging in the depths of your wardrobe, have you ever found something that completely shocks you? “Why did I buy this? And why did I think this would last more than a season?” I am afraid to say that the same comes from home decor choices.


As the seasons change, colours come in and out of fashion. When thinking about your outdoor blinds, choose classic colours that will not be an eyesore in a few years time. A general rule of thumb is to make sure that the generation above and below yours signs off - this shows the style is not a trend. Colour also comes into question with outdoor blinds when considering how much sun, rain and road pollution the awnings will receive.


Reputation counts


We are a bargain driven society. And when it comes to buying a toaster, there is a low risk associated. However, a permanent fixture that is supposed to protect and enhance your home should be considered with a bit more thought and care. Quoting around is a good start, as well as asking for the name of the supplier on any outdoor blinds you have seen and liked. Any supplier worth their salt will offer a warranty of around 5 years on the product, and that can be how you seperate the boys from the men when it comes to choosing.




Not the most fun topic, but this is often the make or break factor that governs what we choose. Before you set a hard and fast rule on what the budget should be, do some research on what is top end, average and the lower end of the pricing scale.


For an investment property, you may want to get something more affordable. But for your own home, you may want to guarantee quality, design and material. If it means waiting a little longer to save up for a better product, it is always worth it. Just make sure you have your eyes wide open on price before you are standing in front of a sales team.


Outdoor blinds make such an enormous difference to your home, so trepidation is understandable. But so long as you are sourcing blinds with position, colour and supplier in mind - you are on the right track.


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