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By definition, a lifestyle is how an individual chooses to spend their lives. It incorporates each and everything you do from the start of your day to the end of it. Your lifestyle involves everything from watching the morning news to eating the breakfast of your choice, working out in the evening, or taking a stroll in the park with your dog instead. Whatever you do and however you do it, becomes the part of your living style.

Your home is the place where you spend the majority of your time when you are not at work or school. It is your living space. Hence, how you maintain, decorate, and design it pretty much depicts your lifestyle. It also has a direct impact on your way of living, such as keeping a relaxing couch like a recliner in the lounge right in front of the TV may indicate you are an overall couch potato.

In the article ahead, how renewing your kitchen and bathroom can have an impact on your lifestyle is explained. You can choose kitchen and bathroom renovations sydney for creative and artistic renovation plans. 

·    Renovate to Give the Space More Room:

When refurbishing your bathroom and kitchen, one thing you should keep in mind is to keep it open and provide more room. A congested and cluttered space will affect your thinking and emotional health.

It has been proven by science and research that a cluttered space causes indirect stress and agitation to the brain. This is the reason why experts recommend trying de-cluttering spaces in your house to relieve yourself of stress and anxiety. It is a form of therapy since de-cluttered, open areas make the brain calm and help enhance its ability to focus.

Often, the kitchen and the bathroom are small, tiny areas. Even if you have a bigger space, they will still be small compared to the rest of the house. Therefore, there are more chances of an excess amount of things being stored, leading to clutter in these spaces. The layout also plays a direct role in minimizing clutter and congestion. When you plan the new design for your home, make sure you give enough space and an efficient storage area.

But how does clutter affect your lifestyle? The mess is not just a once in a blue moon kind of thing. It is a habit. A way of living. When you are in the habit of keeping things messy, you follow it everywhere. But in the long-run, this seemingly minute habit can have massive effects on your mental and physical well-being.

·    Add the Right Colors: 

Since you spend most of your time at home, keeping your interiors decorated the right way will ensure your personalities to stay upbeat and cheerful. Colors and designs have a significant impact on your mood and personality. Bright and happy colors will give your mind a positive and optimistic feel, whereas dull and gloomy colors will make you depressed and sad.

It is essential to ensure that the renovators use the right color palettes and designs. You can mix and match and see which patterns and colors go together. Often keeping the washroom white with a hint of grey tiles here and there with a few potted plants will provide you the perfect and peaceful bathroom setup to unwind and relax.

·    Let More Light Enter the Space:

Often, the interiors of your home do not allow much sunlight to enter. However, it is crucial to understand that sun rays are vital for healthy living. Sunlight has numerous benefits for your health. The first and the foremost is providing your body with the much needed Vitamin D. Exposure to the sun is a significant source of vitamin D. Our lifestyles today do not allow us to have much exposure to the sun. This lack of exposure is the reason why the majority of people today suffer from vitamin D deficiency.

Sunlight is also scientifically proven to kill germs and bacteria. The kitchen is the place where we wish to maintain maximum hygiene and cleanliness. Letting the sun come in by getting huge windows with thin blinds will help ensure that your kitchen stays germ-free, and you also get the right amount of nutrition through the exposure to the sun. You can also place a few plants near the kitchen window to provide you with fresh herbs and spices.

Similarly, letting in some sunlight into the bathroom will ensure a healthier atmosphere in there as well. Your bathroom may also have loads of germs and bacteria, giving in some sunlight may help keep your bathroom get rid of that.

·    Minimalism: 

Deciding to go minimal is a lifestyle. Minimalist living has recently turned into a fad. However, it is more than just a trend. Minimalism involves owning less of material things. It is all about living with less of everything. Often, we are in the habit of stocking our kitchens and bathrooms with unneeded appliances, cutlery, and beauty products. Renovating these spaces with minimum space for storage and stocking will help prevent the hoarding of items.

Moreover, minimalism is also about avoiding extravagance and luxury. Keeping the furnishings and design modest and straightforward will promote a minimalistic lifestyle. Following this way of living is known to benefit your mental and physical health in numerous ways. First, it helps keep financial stress and worry away by not overburdening you with the extra expense on luxurious and unnecessary things. Secondly, minimalism believes that one should invest in experiences rather than spending on material possessions. Therefore, keeping things simple inside your house will let you save up for that holiday destination you always wanted to visit.


Your house depicts your lifestyle choices. It has a direct impact on your personality and molds your way of living. From the colors you chose, the designs you opt for to the furniture in your lounge, every feature of your house will define the way you live. Thus, it is essential to ensure your home is decorated and accessorized in a way that encourages a healthy and happy lifestyle. 


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