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  • Written by Martina Stewart

We all love to have a home that looks appealing with all decorated interior and exterior spaces. People spend thousands of dollars to ensure that the home has an aesthetic appeal and offers a comfortable living. From buying furniture to colouring walls and roofs to hiring interior designers to make porch or patio in the exterior space, we leave no stones unturned to have a home that offers a new, convenient and comfortable lifestyle that we always dreamt of.

One vital thing that we haven’t mentioned here is a window treatment which plays a key role in beautifying your home. Whether you go for blinds, curtains, drapes, shutters or retractable fly screens, it will give that desired appeal to your home and make it look astonishingly liveable. Different window treatments have different benefits and you can select as per your personal preferences and budget, but retractable fly screens can be your best bet when you are suffering from insects and other flies.

Retractable fly screens are one of the most preferred window treatments in Australia where insects and other flies are a big problem. They will not just make your life uncomfortable but jeopardize the health of your family members. In Australia, this is a common problem and you can keep these unwanted guests away from your home by installing these window treatments. All you need to do is to buy retractable fly screens from a reputed supplier and install them in your windows and doors and that will be all.

Retractable fly screens are considered as a staple of many Australian homes. Apart from blocking out flies and other types of insects, they offer some superior benefits that we will discuss in this post.

They add additional security and privacy to the home

Modern retractable fly screens are also used to keep the home safe from intruders and thieves. These fly screens are made from stronger materials and designed in a manner that they can stop unwanted access and entry to your home. They have a strong net structure and frames to give protection against a burglary attack. They are hard to tamper and will protect your home to a great extent. If you are looking for additional security to your home, installing retractable fly screens can be a wise idea.

In addition to that, retractable fly screens also come with some additional privacy to your homely affairs. Flyscreens with traditional black mesh construction can make it nearly impossible for neighbours and others to peep through your windows and doors. However, you can still enjoy the outside view without any restrictions. If you are annoyed with those peeping eyes or you have a home on the main road, you can bring privacy to your home by simply installing retractable fly screens.

Keeping children safe

If you have mischievous children at home who just roam throughout the home, you should worry about their safety. If you want to stop them from entering areas that they should not be without supervision, you can just do it by installing retractable fly screens. By closing all the doors of the home, you can create a fortress kind of space which is difficult to penetrate. You can manage access and keep your children safe. Isn’t it a great advantage? 

Saving energy

You can create a natural ventilation system in your home by simply installing retractable fly screens throughout the home. Retractable fly screens in Melbourne can keep the room warm in winters and cool in summers to enjoy a comfortable living. You don’t have to run your AC system throughout the day in summers to stay cool and relaxed. All you need to do is to just install retractable fly screens to regulate indoor temperature. It will also reduce your energy bills to a great extent. Research reports show that homeowners can reduce their energy bills to a great extent by installing retractable fly screens in their homes. You can use that saved money for some other crucial responsibilities.

In addition to that, you can also control the amount of sunlight you want to allow in your home. It will prevent the heat build-up inside the home. It will keep rooms cool and comfortable in all seasons. When you block direct sunlight on your valuable furniture and other belongings, you can also increase their lifespans by preventing damage from the direct sunlight. Keeping UV rays away from home is beneficial and retractable fly screens can serve the core purpose for you.

Introducing natural light

When you compare fly screens with traditional doors and windows, the former can allow larger amounts of natural light to flow in the home. The transparent surface of a fly screen allows light in the room which would otherwise be blocked by a solid door. So, you might end up saving some amount on energy bills.

Allow in fresh air

Retractable fly screens are available with perforated mesh construction which allows fresh air to enter while blocking insects and flies from entering the premises. This air ventilation provides a regular supply of clean air to the room. Remember, clean air can do some good for your health. On the other hand, stale or stagnant air can support bacteria breeding and encourages contaminants. You can keep your home safe by simply installing retractable fly screens and allowing fresh air in the home.


For the health and safety purpose, retractable fly screens installation can be a breakthrough for your home. Gone are the days with those industrial looking, boring fly screens. Retractable fly screens are available in a wide range of colours, types, and styles to choose from.


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