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The architectural designs have gone through constant evolving. A lot of things have changed when it comes to house designs and the uses. Today, the housing industry is coming up with new inventions daily, to make the living space, efficient, symmetrical, smart, and comfortable. A major part that has experienced a lot of change is the windows and doors. Glass doors and windows have gained popularity and are providing a definite experience.

Large doors and the windows allow in natural light that transforms the interiors, giving them a welcoming appeal. Although these large windows and doors are good for making the interior lively, they can be problematic sometimes. If they are left uncovered, they may not be able to protect the dwellers from the harsh weather conditions. They may also bring privacy problems where the people passing by can see through into the inside of the house. This is why window coverings come in handy. They help in regulating the amount of heat or cold entering the house. They are also important for safeguarding privacy.

The window coverings like iseekblinds roller blinds provide an effective solution for protecting against glare and too much exposure to sunlight. As much as you would like the cool breeze to enter your room, you might have a problem with your blinds if they keep banging in the wind. The noise is disruptive and the banging could damage the glass windows or the roller blind. The following are ways you can stop the roller blinds from banging.

These blinds are attached at the top and the bottom part left free. You may want to let the blinds down in normal weather. However, you may have to on the blinds if it is too hot inside and you need that cool breeze. The blinds may blow if the wind is too strong. The blowing will create a lot of noise and the blinds may damage with time. With too much noise, you cannot be able to sleep or focus on what you may be doing. You will also have to spend a lot in covering the damages.

Using a Heavy Material

Roller blinds make a lot of noise because there are edges left loose. Therefore, if you want to stop them from banging, secure the loose edges so that the blinds stop wobbling. Think of adding some weight on the loose edges. You may use metal or wood to add the weight since they are heavier than the fabric. The weights hold down the blinds such that they don't blow in the wind. This will help you to avoid the embarrassment that comes from the noise, especially if you have guests over.

Swing Stop

Some blinds come with swings that stop the wobbling. The swing stop is simply a wire put on both sides of the roller blinds and can be attached to the door or window. Some of these blinds have pleats on all four corners to add a little wight.


Therefore, look for these features when buying your roller blinds. Others come with devices that help in noise reduction. For instance, there are blinds with a magnetic device that repels the force, and this prevents the rails from banging at the glass windows or doors. With such devices, you enjoy the fresh air with quiet days and good nights.


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