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With one in six Australians suffering from back pain[1] and eight in 10 experiencing sleep issues,[2] good bedding has never been more important. To continue helping Aussies sleep soundly, one of Australia’s most popular weighted blanket brands has expanded its best-selling product range with the launch of Delta Sleep, a mattress manufactured with a new, innovative and Australian-made technology called Intellicool. The mattress has launched in time for this week’s Black Friday sales, with Calming Blankets offering Aussies $110 off their first mattress.

Calming Blankets is a range of premium, science-driven weighted blankets, premium, designed to assist those who suffer from troubled sleep, or stress or sensory conditions that impact sleep quality. Since 2018, the brand has helped millions of Aussies enjoy quality sleep. The brand’s foray into mattresses will see it offering a holistic range of sleep-inducing products, continuing its mission to improve Aussies’ sleep.

Delta Sleep is made specifically for the Australian weather, manufactured using innovative Intellicool technology. The technology is Australian made and comprises a unique cell structure, with ‘open cell’ pockets that enable air to flow throughout the mattress, allowing heat to disperse. The result is a breathable, adaptive mattress that keeps Aussies cool during summer and warm in winter.

The mattress features a two-layer composition: a high-density support layer manufactured using a structural firm foam providing foundation and shape, and a 7cm top comfort layer, providing support and durability. The firmness and durability of the foam allows the mattress to spring back into shape after use, cradling the body and adsorbing the movement of the user, allowing for zero partner disturbance. Delta Sleep is designed to retain its shape and maximise comfort and support, enabling the user’s joints to be supported and any aches to be soothed as they sleep. The result is a durable, long-lasting mattress.

Delta Sleep is also one of few Australian-made and owned mattresses, as more big-name brands move their manufacturing overseas to countries such as China. Calming Blankets is celebrating local producers, having tasked a world-renowned foam manufacturer, with 15 years’ experience developing foam mattresses, to manufacture its Delta Sleep mattress.

Its foam composition is also naturally antimicrobial, helping fend off bacteria, fungus, and dust mites, allowing Aussies to sleep comfortably and extending the lifespan of the mattress considerably. Delta Sleep is also GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) certified. GECA certification recognises environmentally responsible products and services. Certification to a GECA standard is a rigorous process and involves ensuring manufacturers reduce their environmental impact across all stages of the product’s life cycle and adhere to ethical practices along the supply chain. Aussies will have peace of mind knowing their mattress is better for the environment and reduces its impact on human health.

Davie Fogarty, CEO and Founder of Calming Blankets, says: “Expanding our bestselling product range into mattresses was a natural progression for the brand. We’ve seen the impact our weighted blankets have had on the lives of many Aussies, helping them fall and stay asleep, and enjoy a better quality of life. The ultimate goal of the Calming Blankets brand is to provide Aussies with everything they need to enjoy better quality sleep, right down to their bedding. Sleep is incredibly important, and a durable, supportive mattress is often one of the key components to getting the best sleep possible. Our new mattress, Delta Sleep, is made specifically for Aussies, adapting to the weather as they sleep.

“Experts also recommend swapping out a mattress every 10 years, which is why we offer a 10-year warranty. We want to guarantee that Aussies can enjoy their mattress right up until the moment they need to change it. It was also incredibly important for us to ensure the product is sustainable and is manufactured in line with stringent environment standards. Reducing our environmental impact has never been more important and our green tick of approval from GECA helps eco-conscious Aussies sleep even better knowing their bedding is made with sustainability in mind. At the end of its use, we also encourage our customers to return their mattress to us for recycling.”

The Delta Sleep mattress is priced between $795 and $1194 in Single, King Single, Double, Queen and King sizes, and is available for purchase at

Delta Sleep is currently on sale as part of Calming Blankets’ Black Friday sales. Calming Blankets is offering Aussies $110 off their first mattress, except for the Single, which is $146 off.
Aussies can also take advantage of the 120-night free trial to help determine if Delta Sleep is right for them.


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