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We know that a broken window is frustrating for any homeowner. You’re likely to be pretty unhappy about the problem and wish it never occurred at all!

However, it is important to follow a few steps before you have the best window glass repairs Melbourne has to offer.

Follow these important steps for securing the space before your professional glaziers arrive:

  1. What has caused the breakage

Windows can be made from fragile material, rendering them susceptible to all kinds of breakages. In Australia, a broken window often comes down to a wayward cricket bowl or footy treating the window like the middle of the big sticks.

However, if you can’t immediately locate the cause of the breakage, then it could be something more troublesome like a break-in or water damage. This is when you might also want to check the rest of the home for damage.

  1. Secure the area & block access

We don’t need to tell you twice: broken glass is incredibly dangerous! You don’t want another family member waltzing in and cutting themselves on a stray piece of glass, so be sure to secure the area and block access to it so none of your family members are at risk of cutting themselves.

  1. Thoroughly clean the site

It’s time to get down to cleaning this dangerous mess. Anyone who has cleaned up shattered glass before knows how much of a nuisance it can be, but when done properly it can be a pretty cruisy situation.

You should always wear heavy-duty gloves, fully covering shoes and long pants, using materials like garbage bags, brooms, brush and pans and vacuum cleaners.

You may have to remove the broken glass from the frame before continuing. Otherwise, cover the broken glass with a cloth so that no one will accidentally touch it before the experts arrive. If you choose this option, be sure to tell your expert glazier that there is remaining broken glass in the frame and they will be able to safely remove it.

Next, sweep up all broken glass with your broom and dustpan before giving the floor a good vacuuming to pick up all those remaining shards.

  1. Put up a temporary cover

Storm coming through? Well the last thing you want is for gale force winds and torrential rain to come pouring into your home whilst you await your professional glazier.

So, all you have to do is apply a temporary cover for the window to stop this from happening! All you need is something like a piece of tarp or even heavy duty tarps and this should be able to prevent too much window and rain causing you headaches whilst you await your expert glaziers to come and fix the problem.

  1. Call your expert replacement team

There’s only one team to call when you have broken glass and that’s your professional glaziers! Your professional glaziers can provide a fast, thorough and highly efficient window repair or replacement service that will completely rectify the problem.

Of course, if there is further structural damage throughout the house, this should be left to the professionals that can handle this issue, but for glass repairs or replacements you need to call in your pro glazier.

Broken windows are a real nuisance, but all you have to do is follow the above-listed safety steps and that broken window will certainly be less of a headache before it is replaced with something new and much more reliable.


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