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If you’re in need of a new vacuum cleaner, you might feel overwhelmed with the abundance of choice. Corded upright vacuums are a trusted original, cordless vacuums attract with their flexibility and design, while other modern and unique solutions only confuse when making a purchasing decision. The goal of any vacuum is to clean your home, but the question is often how efficiently it can get the job done. To that end, here are some factors you might want to consider when choosing between upright and cordless vacuum cleaners:

Suction power

When comparing vacuum cleaners, the suction power tends to be the most important factor for consumers. In general, upright vacuum cleaners get their power from the outlet directly into a motor, meaning that they can run indefinitely and usually won’t stop mid-clean. Cordless vacuums, on the other hand, generate their power with the battery. They can offer comparable suction power when the turbo mode is used. But this mode can have an effect on the battery life, causing it to deplete more quickly and thus lose some suction strength. With that in mind, upright vacuums seem to be better for longer cleaning sessions, and cordless vacuums for quicker and more frequent cleans.

Dust capacity

Along with the suction power, the vacuum cleaner’s dust capacity is often a crucial deciding factor as well. The larger the capacity, the longer the vacuum can be used before you need to empty it. Upright vacuums generally have bigger dust capacity due to their size and design. For cordless vacuums, the capacity is often reduced in order to make the vacuum cleaner as light and flexible as possible. However, this might vary from one model to another. Both upright and cordless vacuum cleaners tend to come with bins that are easy to empty, thus still being convenient solutions.

Battery life

Upright vacuums run on electricity, meaning that runtime often isn’t an issue with these models. Cordless vacuums use a battery, however, which has to be recharged or swapped. On average, the battery life of cordless vacuums lasts anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, with the best models on the market offering up to 60 minutes of battery life. When the battery dies, you can expect to charge it for 2 to 16 hours. In most cases, this will be suitable for your daily needs, but those with overly large spaces or higher vacuuming requirements might want to consider corded options.


Possibly the biggest benefit of a good cordless vacuum cleaner is its practicality. Since they’re not tethered to an outlet, these vacuums can reach a number of different areas, from the floors and stairs to the ceilings and car interiors. Many cordless vacuums can easily be turned into a handheld device for other areas above the floor as well. While upright vacuums can still provide impressive range with extending hoses and long power cords, the usable reach and overall versatility of cleaning simply can’t be compared to cordless vacuums.


Cordless vacuums were initially designed to be as lightweight as possible, coming with a smaller motor and bin. However, this has changed over the years, with newer models offering equal suction power and dust capacity. This means that cordless vacuum cleaners are a better option for those that consider weight a top priority. You should keep in mind that upright vacuums are still quite light and nimble, despite being a bit heavier on average. The weight difference isn’t large enough to discard them completely due to this one factor.


In terms of the technology that’s incorporated in the design and the additional perks you can receive with your vacuum cleaner, upright and cordless vacuums tend to be quite similar. Both will come with floor brushes that can be used on different surfaces and additional tools and accessories to make cleaning easier. Unique technologies for dust filtration, trapping fine dust, and removing allergens is provided by upright and cordless vacuums alike. This all comes down to the specific make and model, as well as the unique benefits that come with it.


For consumers living in smaller spaces, storage will be another vital factor. In this area, cordless vacuums will likely win. They tend to be smaller in size and lighter on average, thus being much simpler to put away. Certain cordless vacuums can also be wall-mounted, particularly stick models, making them even more convenient for storage and daily use. Of course, there are a number of upright vacuums on the market that are smaller and lighter as well. However, they might be a bit more difficult to find, especially if you’re looking for unique additional features.

Evidently, both upright and cordless vacuum cleaners can be a good option. The choice ultimately comes down to your cleaning needs, overall preferences, and lifestyle in general.


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