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The Aussie kitchen has come a long way in the 21st Century. Gone are the dull days of awful appliances, failed flows and wafer-thin benchtops. Instead, it’s time to enjoy this space for what it is - somewhere to make culinary magic happen!

Here, we will talk about some of the cardinal sins found in old kitchens (and some new ones). If you are considering a remodel and find that your space contains one or more of these gastronomic grievances, perhaps it’s time to take the plunge and create something new and spectacular:

  1. No counter space

The best kitchen designs Blacktown has would never contain such frustrations. After all, anyone who has a remote interest in food preparation - that preparation being the blending, cutting, dicing and cooking of food - dreams of endless counter space!

After all, the only kitchens that don’t need much counter space are those where the occupant is intent on shoving food in the microwave or pouring hot water into cup noodles. But if you absolutely love cooking you know just how frustrating it is to come into a space where the counter looks like it couldn’t safely accommodate a plate let alone a glorious culinary creation.

Counter space is key to food preparation - find the experts who will optimise it for your home!

  1. Taking up space with the wrong appliances

There are innumerable cooking appliances out there with their proliferation being attributed to online shopping. From ice cream slider makers to specific corn peelers, avocado slicers to carrot sharpeners, there are many accessories and appliances out there your space simply does not need.

Therefore, the last thing you should be doing is filling up storage space with stuff you are never likely to use. After all, you can easily do a lot of the tasks these materialistic goods can do if you have an ounce of culinary skill, so wave goodbye to the idea of that avocado knife (you only need a proper knife!) and fill out the space with more of the essentials (cutlery, pots, pans etc.!).

  1. No mo flow

A kitchen without an intelligent workflow is one in which you don’t want to find yourself. Seriously, if you constantly have to go all the way over the other side of the room (or worse, into another room!) just to grab essential ingredients from the incongruous refrigerator then it is definitely time to reconsider your flow options.

Solid planning is key to a good design, and luckily there are experts out there who know exactly what goes into making the dream design according to your home’s layout.

  1. Choosing form over function

A space that prioritises form over function is one that only ends up infuriating the cook. Sure, you may enter the space and say, “wow, just look at how beautiful it is - I could cook here forever!” only to find yourself cursing its very existence 10 minutes later.

It’s about finding the perfect balance between style and substance, where you can be charmed by the room’s aesthetic without that aesthetic getting in the way of creating gastronomic masterpieces!

  1. Overlooking storage

This is an essential no-no, especially if you’re remodelling your home to accommodate a growing family. You never know when your family, lifestyle or culinary interests will change, and you have to create a design that will handle any of these changes if or when they come.

So don’t forget storage space - you’ll be thrilled you didn’t when you’re not overwhelmed with goods strewn across the bench!


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