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Trucks are essential in many industries. These are mostly used in transporting products, materials or equipment, and they vary in size, configuration, and power. No matter how often you use your trucks and how many kilometers you travel in a day or how heavy the load is, proper maintenance is the key to efficient and high-quality performance. If you own a truck for business or currently driving a truck for work, make sure you have a business insurance plus here are some other essential things that should be part of your checklist.

When it comes to diesel engine maintenance, the complexity of the engines requires your regular attention to ensure your truck is always in good condition to operate. But how do take care of a truck's diesel engine? Check out the following tips.

Clean Your Engine

Truck engines, like most vehicles, can either be a diesel engine or gasoline engine. But, what's the difference between the two? For a gas engine to work, one needs to ignite the spark for your truck to come to life. Diesel engines, on the other hand, make use of compression in the combustion to ignite the fuel.

First things first are to make sure your diesel engine is clean. To preserve your truck's engine, one needs to ensure that dirt, grime, and other unwanted materials do not accumulate in the engine. Clean Fuel, air and oil are the areas that require regular cleaning.

Change Oil As Necessary

Changing your diesel oil is critical as you need a well-lubricated engine for high efficiency. Always check if you have enough oil for the day and to wait for at least 30 minutes for accurate reading. Make sure to follow the recommended interval. Also, don't forget to only use the best engine oil for diesel trucks.

Make Sure To Keep Your Air And Diesel Fuel Filters Clean

Different types of grime and dirt can accumulate on your air filter easily since it uses far more air than gas engines. Always check on your air filter to ensure no dirt is blocking it. As for your diesel fuel filters, more impurities are on diesel than gasoline which means checking and replacing your fuel filters is necessary on a regular basis.

Drain Your Water Separator

Since diesel absorbs more water than gas, most diesel engines have water separators installed to separate water from fuel. While some are usually self-draining, you can drain this for extra measure.

Proper Warm Up And Do Monitor Your Coolant Regularly

Your truck's diesel engine can become more acidic over time to ensure it doesn't rot out other parts of your vehicle. Check it, flush it and test it to know where your coolant stands. During cold days especially in the winter season, make sure to warm up your diesel engine before you go; this will help keep things running smooth and can prevent issues from arising in the future.

Don't Keep It Idle

Keeping your diesel engine idle for a long time can have adverse effects. Avoid leaving it on idle if you want to keep your engine alive and kicking.

Get Some Car Cradles

With trucks big body, sometimes there are limitations to the driver’s view and sometimes can be a threat to safety. Installing dashcams are beneficial but can be costly if you have multiple truck units for your business. Another popular and economical option is to get car cradles for smartphones. You can use your smartphones as reliable dash cam just by downloading apps for free and get the same features of recording videos, measuring the speed and location. Smartphones can be a cheaper car accessory alternative with the help of Car Cradles. You can easily find car cradles online. Campad Electronics have Alpha cradles that can charge your phone or tablet at the same time securely locks your phone into place.

One cannot emphasize how helpful trucks are to our everyday lives. It would be beneficial to have your trusted truck mechanic check on your diesel engine for regular checkups.


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