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One of the most important parts of every household is the bathroom. But, as important as it is, it could also be one of the most neglected, in favor of the kitchen and the living room. Given the wear and tear and foot traffic a bathroom goes through, however, it’s just but fitting to give it some love. If it’s been too long since you’ve made changes to your bathroom, then now’s a good time for you to start considering a change. This means a renovation project, both as to the aesthetics and the space’s function.

Renovations can be daunting, especially when you don’t know where to start and how to go about with it. There are so many factors that come into play to ensure a successful renovation project, but the choice still boils down to preference. At the end of your project, whether you have a wide budget or a narrow one, what matters most is how you’re able to make your bathroom work better for your household. You should be happy and satisfied with the outcome, whether with a DIY project, or by taking in the expert help of your trusted home builder North Shore or wherever you’re from.

When you’re planning to renovate your bathroom, be sure not to miss out on these five things:

1. Accessible Outlets

Just because it’s a bathroom, this doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be an outlet. This notion really is one of the most common misconceptions in a bathroom. And, if you don’t have an outlet, you’re going to regret it later on when you realize you actually need one.

For instance, an accessible outlet comes in handy when you’re using an electric shaver, or you have to charge an electric toothbrush or your hair dryer. You just have to be a tad more careful to position your outlets strategically such that they don’t become a hazard.

2. Recess For Spaces

If what you have is a small bathroom, you can maximize the space even more by recessing the walls for more space. In simpler terms, this means cutting a rectangular hole on the bathroom wall to have more storage space. This is commonly found near the sinks and the shower, and wherein you can place items like your shampoo, bath soap, toothbrush, and the like.

This is a trick that you shouldn’t miss out on doing for this renovation project as it doesn’t just make your space look bigger, but it also makes your bathroom look more organized.

3. Change Your Towel Racks

Another functional part of your bathroom, which is also commonly missed out on, are the towel racks. If you have old ones already, it doesn’t cost much to change the racks into newer and more stylish ones.

There are also sneaky ways for you to have a more fashionable towel rack, and one of these is through having a wooden ladder. Whether there’s a towel hanging or not, the ladder-type towel rack will also make your bathroom look a lot more stylish.

To make way for this, you can consider placing the ladder on a blank wall in your bathroom, so you won’t have to spend for any more significant changes to occupy what would’ve otherwise been a plain, blank wall.

4. Have Double Sinks

This tip applies if you’re renovating your master’s bathroom or jack-and-jill type of bathroom. Because there are multiple users of the space, it makes sense to have double sinks. This can help make your bathroom more efficient as two users can have the space in one go.

With double sinks, this also means they basically eat up more space in your bathroom. Rather than waste the bottom part of the sinks, you can incorporate them instead with cabinets to maximize vertical space. That's extra storage space to make your bathroom more efficient and well-organized.

5. Bring In Natural Lighting

If your bathroom previously lacked proper ventilation, now you can finally improve the space by bringing in more natural light. If there’s a place where you can incorporate windows, open it up!  Or, perhaps a skylight would be great, too.

Bathrooms are inherently wet spaces, and if you leave them that way, you’re making them a breeding ground for molds and other nasty substances. Having more natural light and open space makes your bathroom a lot livelier, less damp, and more ventilated as well.


There's something very special about having a great bathroom, and the tips above can surely lead you to having one. Don’t think of your bathroom as only the space where you’d comfort yourself when you have to, or to bathe. You can make it a personal sanctuary with the help of the tips above. Now that you’ve considered renovating your bathroom, make that project worth all the expense and effort. Not only will you have a stylish bathroom, but also one that’s more efficient and functional.


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