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The NRMA has launched a new webpage to support the electric vehicle community and tools to help Australians calculate the benefits of making the switch to an EV.  

The new EV Hub features new tools to support Australians looking to purchase aelectric vehicle including a Fuel Cost Comparison Calculator and Electric Vehicle search tool. 

NRMA Chief Executive of Energy Carly Irving-Dolan said the new NRMA EV hub brought together all Electric Vehicle content to one platform for those drivers considering an EV purchase.  

“The NRMA has been at the forefront of charging Australia’s electric vehicle future, and we’re making sure Australians can easily access reliable information and the tools they need if they are considering an EV purchase,” Ms Irving-Dolan said. 

“Interest in EVs is growing, not only with people considering an EV as their next purchase, but with members of the community who are interested in the technology and what it will mean for their community.  

“The transition to EV’s will change the way we live, work and play, and people want to understand what it will mean for their everyday lives. 

“Drivers can use tools on the hub to find the best EV for their needs and assess the yearly cost of charging a neEV compared to running a petrol or diesel vehicle. It will also give them greater visibility of our expanded network and how to prepare for a trip in their EV.

With 99 chargers located across regional NSW and at regional borders, the NRMA’s national charging network is expanding across Australia through partnerships with both Federal and State Governments which will see more chargers brought online this year. 

Ms Irving-Dolan said the NRMA has a long history connecting communities across regional Australia as the nature of motoring in Australia evolves.

The NRMA is working to ensure that no regional community is left behind in the transition to electric vehicles,” Ms Irving-Dolan said.  

For more information, visit the NRMA EV Hub: 


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