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  • Written by Barney Whistance

We all plunge into workouts when our energy level spike up. But they don’t shoot up for long like mercury because we get tired easily. This is because we don’t prepare well. In our enthusiasm, we forget the pre-workout regimen, that is why we hit rock bottom. So before exercising it is essential to know your bounds and get geared up before heavy workouts. That is why we have compiled a guide for you so that you can stick to your routines without facing any negative consequences. Follow these ways, and you will find yourself enjoying your exercise regime more. You will gain most out of your training efforts as these practices boost you to perform better!

1. Fuel up

If you are hitting the gym before eating because you believe empty stomach exercises yield more, then you are wrong. It is just a myth, and it does more harm than good. You only deprive your body of the essential nutrients needed for a high-intensity workout by skipping meals. This way, you give up more easily and can’t continue for longer periods. Food acts as a fuel. Thus it is better to have at least something before workouts. Don’t go for something heavy as it will make you lazy. Choose some light yet nutritious options such as bananas, low-sugar protein bars, salad, or protein shakes. So put some food in, to get energy out.

2. Supping up

Food may give you fuel, but for an extra boost, you have to take Pre Workout Supplements. They heighten your focus and provide you with additional energy for the extra mile. They are not at all harmful as they only contain caffeine and amino acids. They enhance your performance as they increase blood flow by dilating your veins and arteries. So take them 30 minutes before the workout so that when you hit the gym, they are at their peak of effects.

3. Hydrate

Water is essential for all, as it is crucial to overall health. But it is even more necessary for those who do workouts as in fitness routine you usually lose water via sweating. You can get dehydrated, so you have to pump up before losing. Just like a car need oils before starting up, your body needs water. The amount of water varies as per your age, weight, sex, and height. But the American College of Sports Medicine recommends that people who exercise should at least drink 20 ounces of water half an hour before gymming. Just don’t make yourself bloated and ensure that you are hydrated enough to keep your energy levels where they optimally should be.

4. Take caffeine:

Caffeine in the right amounts can work wonder for your body. It is known for stimulating thermogenesis which helps your body derive more energy from the food you have consumes. Thus it helps you to boost your energy level faster. Also, it keeps your mind awake so that you can enjoy the workout more. Furthermore, it also leads to mobilizing fatty acids from tissues which are said to improve performance by up to 12 percent. It helps muscle cells, especially during leg workouts. It takes time for caffeine to kick in so it should be taken at least 45 minutes before workout. Take it in balanced amounts as excessive caffeine can be harmful as well.

5. Have ample rest:

Rest is essential for physical health. And it is even more required before workouts. This is because only a well-rested body can perform well and for longer periods. The best way to do is to get a good night's sleep. It is the simplest recipe for both a healthy body and vigorous workouts. With ample rest, your muscles can recover and will have a better mechanism to cope. Your hunger hormones will also be in check, as you won’t undo your efforts by overeating late at night. You will also feel more energetic as the most imperative thing for all fitness program starts the minute you hit the bed. It is where all the magic begins. So at least get 6-7 hours of sleep before a workout.  

6. Have the right workout wear and gear:

We all keep on snooze the demand for gear and apparel. You might believe it to be a waste of money, but in truth, it is an everlasting investment for your fitness. Investing in the right gear and wear have many positive impacts on the workout. They not only motivate you to get a return on your investment, but they also make you feel more comfortable. The elasticity and quality of new apparel will help you to move, stretch, run and get into unique positions better. The new gear will as to your athletic prowess and increase mobility and flexibility. From the right shoes and clothes for more endurance to right accessories like yoga mats, updated playlist, and dumbbells to keep you grooving, ensure that everything is ready pre-hand.


So all of the above ways will make your workouts more effective. They may sound pesky right now, but once you adopt them, you will feel a considerable difference. You will see your stamina increasing, energy levels rising, and will no longer dread your workouts. So do give these a try and watch them do wonders to your workout regime!


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