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Running shorts may look like a simple garment. Don’t confuse yourself, there is more to these shorts than meets the eye. Running shorts make running easier and have other benefits, too. Let’s talk about why you need to wear running shorts while running.

What Are Running Shorts?

Before we dive into why we need to wear running shorts, we need to figure out first what running shorts are. These shorts are often short and end above the knee. Running shorts are lightweight for comfort and easier movement. These shorts often feature an inner lining that acts as underwear. This is to prevent chafing and discomfort from wearing tight-fitting underwear.

What To Look For In Running Shorts

Looking for the perfect pair of running shorts? Here’s what you need to consider when you choose your shorts.


Shorts that reach mid-thigh are best for long-distance road running and sprinting. They give the best range of movement and ventilation when on the move. Medium length shorts or 5-inch shorts are more versatile. These are great for runners who like training on both tracks and trails. Long shorts or 7-inch shorts are great for trails. They protect your legs from shrubbery and often have pockets.


You want fabrics that don’t lock in heat or moisture. Lightweight fabrics are a go-to here.

Comfortable Design

Runners need shorts that will not impede movement. These shorts also need to provide ample support and ventilation while moving.

What Type Of Running Shorts Can I Use?

Running shorts come in three types: compression, v-notch, and split shorts. Here’s how they stack up to each other.

Compression Shorts

These resemble cycling shorts. Compression shorts are snug and tight-fitting. These also offer muscle support. They cause the least amount of friction and chafing on your skin.

V-Notch Shorts

These shorts got their names after an upside-down V-shaped cutout on the leg. They offer a loose fit and give a great range of motion when running.

Split Shorts

While they look similar, split shorts and v-notch shorts are not the same. The V’s on each leg aren’t sewn together. Instead, they consist of overlapping fabric. This design gives split shorts great flexibility.

Why Should I Wear Running Shorts?

You can run in any pair of shorts. But for absolute comfort and freedom of movement, running shorts can’t be eclipsed. Here are a few key benefits that tell you why you need to wear running shorts.

Comfort While Running

Comfortable running shorts absorb sweat and allow air to flow through the fabric. Comfortable fabrics also mean less chafing and skin irritation.

Increased Muscle Oxygenation

Compression shorts and split shorts enhance blood flow. This increases muscle oxygenation and leads to better athletic performance.

Faster Recovery

Running fatigues your body. Compression shorts and split shorts aid in muscle recovery. They also lessen muscle soreness. Less soreness means you recover faster from muscular fatigue.

Reduced Muscle Fatigue

Score another point for running shorts here. Good blood flow and muscle oxygenation mean less fatigue. A great pair of running shorts lets you get a faster and longer run with less fatigue.


Running shorts for men offer support for their crotch area. Here, running shorts are a man’s best friend.

Better Perceived Exertion

Wearing running shorts can help lead to a smoother workout. This leads to easier workouts and better running performance.

There you have it, folks, a rundown on running shorts and the reason we should wear them when running. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pair of running shorts and get warmed up. The road to your fitness goals starts here.


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