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Whether you’re an inexperienced, casual or seasoned rider, there are some essential accessories that every Jet Ski owner should have. From keeping you and your gear safe to tailoring your Jet Ski so that it meets your exact requirements, these accessories can help you get the most out of your investment.

As Always, Safety First

PLBs, or Personal Locator Beacons, suit the demands of Jet Skiing perfectly, offering a lightweight and effective way to prepare for emergencies. Well suited and recommended for Jet Ski use, PLBs are a must have, since the law says you must have them!

Life jackets are another safety essential because accidents can, and do, happen. A responsible Jet Ski owner will have a range of jackets to accommodate all passengers and guests, including children. Make sure yours is comfortable and fits well, so you can focus on riding. Specialist stores such as JSW Powersports can help you find the right fit.


Gloves and wetsuits can come in handy for Jet Ski owners, because the weather isn’t always perfect. With gloves you can avoid blisters and the cold, and combined with a wet suit, even the chilliest of days won’t deter you from using your Jet Ski as you intended – for water sports, not a garage ornament.

Fender bumpers are also helpful if you’re still learning how to ride or getting used to a new model. They are designed to keep your Jet Ski free of dints and scratches by absorbing bumps.

Keeping Your Gear Dry

If you’re like so many other adrenaline junkies and love capturing your rides with a GoPro, having a waterproof case and a specially designed flotation device known as a Floaty Backdoor will keep your equipment from getting damaged or lost. If your GoPro ends up in the water, the Floaty Backdoor will keep it from sinking, while the waterproof case prevents water damage.

Other electrical devices like a GPS or smartphone can just as easily end up as soggy paperweights. Thankfully there are a range of waterproofing solutions designed for your belongings safe, such as 1 to 30 litre waterproof bags and individual waterproofed cases.

These essential accessories will help you get the most out of your jet ski, so you can have fun without worrying about safety or damaging any of your equipment.




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