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Is your business transitioning from a brick-and-important venture to an online shop? Did you just launch a commercial website? If you are new to online business, then you are probably new to digital marketing as well. It’s a sector that is always changing, but some fundamentals remain the same. If you are a complete newbie to digital marketing, here are several tips for jumpstart your strategy:

SEO is Important, but CRO is Crucial

Search engine optimisation is important for driving traffic to your website. While SEO increases the number of visitors who see your site, it doesn’t turn these visitors into regular browsers, subscribers, or buyers. If you are seeking actual conversions, then you need to engage in conversion rate optimisation, or CRO. These techniques prevent incoming visitors from abandoning the site and instead get them engaged. The SEO is conducted with keywords and backlinks, CRO is conducted with CTA buttons, landing pages, and placement. There are tons of CRO techniques you can try out. CRO and SEO in combination is a quite powerful pair.

Get on Social Networks with Engaging Content

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks have become crucial aspects of digital marketing. So exactly how can a business promote a product or market themselves on these high-traffic websites? The secret is content. A good illustration of this can be found at WME Group. Articles and videos engage consumers online like nothing else. Therefore, hire a suitable social media content writing Melbourne service to create compelling content that drives traffic and engagement levels.

Mobile Responsiveness in a Must

Mobile search queries surpassed web search couple of years ago. Therefore, it’s hard to ignore the importance of mobile at this point. If you have a website, this website must be highly mobile responsive. It refers to the ability of your website to be displayed without error on screens of differing sizes. You can ensure mobile responsiveness of your website by choosing responsive themes and such. It’s also something that can always be improved. Therefore, always check your website to ensure that it’s as mobile responsive as possible. This metric will affect page ranking and search result listing of your site.

Make Inexpensive Videos to Drive Traffic

Right now, video is the type of content with the most viral potential, Drive traffic to your website or app with great video content highly optimised to reach the target audience. You don’t have to hire directors and shoot actual videos, mind you. With the help of cheap or free video editing programs, anyone can design a video these days. Your company can also consider outsourcing this aspect of digital marketing. In any case, videos must be a major part of your company’s digital marketing plan.

Prioritise Site Speed

Site speed has a direct bearing on promoting your website. If the site is too slow, Google will penalise it for this fact by excluding your website from mobile search results. Consumers also quickly abandon slow loading websites. Site speed is not just a technical necessity. It’s important for your marketing efforts as well. Therefore, make sure fast loading websites are a priority in your overall marketing plan.

Digital marketing is a vast and ever-evolving monster. Businesses new to the digital world may not adapt to it right away. Therefore, start with the above tactics to plan your digital marketing strategy without delay. Don’t forget that each only forms a part and not the whole. There should be a person at the top making sure everything is going according to plan.



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