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Essay writing services are all over the web. Students are in a rush to crush piles of work within a short period. Well, amidst the many writing services available, what makes each one different? Here, we will review

What is all about? is a writing service that was conceived in 2008. The company works tirelessly to improve the quality of service and boost professionalism in the academic sphere since 2008. The company has hundreds of writers to handle the tasks for them. They are one of the best when it comes to essay writing, and that’s a bold claim considering the number of essay writing services out there.

Products and Services has a lot of services to offer. Apart from the regular academic writing services, they can also handle resume writing, business presentations, proofreading, and even multiple choice tasks.

Writers and Quality has the best writers who are regularly monitored by the quality control department. The quality control is vital to maintaining a good relationship between writers and clients. Without careful and consistent monitoring, the work quality would be pathetic. The quality control department reviews any three pages of a task submitted by any writer. The new writers, on the other hand, work under the supervision of proficient writers until they grasp all the nitty gritty details of academic writing.

The new writer’s proficiency is assessed on several aspects. These include grammar fluency, vast knowledge pool on topics, ability to follow instructions to the latter and the accuracy of the citations.


At times, you might want the assurance of a writer’s proficiency before they get started on your order. To have a more unobstructed view of the writer’s ability, you may request for the samples of the named guru. This additional feature is available for only $5. It will help you understand if the writer suits your needs.

Assigning Orders

Quality is king when it comes to assigning orders. Before they assign orders to a writer, they ensure that the writer is not tied down with commitments on other projects. This means the writer will have ample time to work on the project. Orders are also only assigned to writers in that field of expertise. A nursing paper is assigned to a nursing expert.

Where Are the Writers From?

The beauty of the company is the embracing of diversity. There’s no boundary when it comes to the writers. There are writers from the US, Kenya, Australia, Canada, Germany, Pakistan, Holland, and Britain among other countries. The only criterion in choosing the writers is the conformity to the universally recognized standards and not the country of origin. The writers who are knowledgeable in the areas of expertise provide flawless content. Even if a non-native speaker does the paper, it still has that high writing standard. You, however, aren’t restrained from choosing a native English writer.

Having a vast pool of writers from all over the world makes the time zone burden easy on you. There are no time zone restrictions with their writers. They are available 24/7 with someone always ready to tackle your order.

Security and Privacy

The whole ordering process at cares about your privacy. The site only asks for information relevant to the order, and it’s effortless to put an order through. The essays come in time, and the writing is 100% authentic.


Many writing services fail terribly with their customer service. However, the writing staff will pleasantly surprise you with their trend on 24-hour support. There are many ways to get in touch with them. They are unfailingly helpful, and they get back in contact with you in a matter of minutes.

Guarantees keeps guarantees to ensure the customers come back for more. It is a plagiarism free zone, and all the papers given are legit. The service provides a taste of unique writing every time. They never resell old essays.

What to Expect After Ordering Custom Assignments

Once you order an article, you will be in constant communication with the writers until you are at an agreement on the essay after which the writer will immediately get down on it. The writer stays in touch till the whole writing process is complete just in case you need to communicate with them. Once the writer finishes, they’ll send the final draft which you’ll look at and ascertain to be okay. If it’s excellent, you can submit the essay to the university and sit back waiting for results. If you need certain things changed, you can still give them the paper again, and they can work on the changes to and fro right up to the deadline. As you can see, the service is unmatched.

If you are looking for a reputable place to order an essay, research paper or dissertation, this assignment writing service is the place to be. The quality of the writing there is second to none. The customer service is the best. In an industry where scams, con artists and shady companies are common, the light of this company shines in the dark. It’s safe to say that with this company, you get what you need.



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