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  • Written by Diana Smith

We are approaching the end of yet another year filled with a combination of pleasant memories and those less memorable. It is usually at this moment that we start reflecting on what we’ve done and preparing for what’s to come. Each new year gives us motivation to make some changes in order for our life to be easier and more enjoyable and since we spend so much time at work, it’s only logical to think about improving the conditions in which we work. Luckily, interior designers from all over the world have been working round the clock on new ideas, which should help us create a better environment at work. So, let’s take a look at the trends they say will be dominant in 2020.

Sustainable fabrics and eco-friendly materials

The fashion industry is already witnessing some serious waves caused by the introduction of sustainable fabric and interior design is likely to be affected as well. Instead of synthetic, manmade materials, we can expect more sustainable, low-emission, animal- and eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, jute, bamboo and reclaimed wood to find their place in our offices next year.

More inclusive approach to space-planning

As the demands change, so does the response of the industry catering to such needs. The modern workforce is becoming increasingly diversified and it now includes more age generations, which is why the demand for more inclusive workplaces also rises. Even if we didn’t have to obey relevant legal requirements and industry standards, we would still be morally responsible for creating conditions in which employees feel mentally safe and physically able when navigating their environments. That’s why modern workspaces will look even more minimalistic in the future.


Apart from focusing on an enhanced furniture layout, an effective office interior design in 2020 will also make light a priority. Ideally, there should be as much natural light as possible, but the layout of an office may impose serious limitations. In that case, we shouldn’t opt for the ugly, harsh florescent lighting typically found in office ceilings, but choose modern, sleek fixtures, such as those offered by this brand of lighting products, which will not only look great, but also save money, since modern bulbs are much more energy-efficient.

Informal settings

As our private and professional lives are becoming more intertwined, we are spending more time at work than ever. This shift in culture has prompted a reaction from designers, who are introducing elements like social spaces, game rooms, rejuvenation zones and meditation areas to their solutions. This trend will continue in 2020, with additional features, such as yoga rooms, gym facilities and others, becoming more prominent features than ever.


With so many companies opting for open plan spaces and co-working, it’s difficult for employees to find a space that provides peace and quiet when necessary. So, you can expect more single-person facilities, such as pods, booth and high back acoustic furniture to emerge as the solution for the lack of privacy. After all, all employees need some personal space, low noise levels and individual focus.

Colour contrast and clash

When it comes to colour and texture, we should prepare for bold clashes, daring contrasts, as well as bright, rainbow-coloured hues. 2020 will be marked by challenging tradition, being brave and breaking boundaries, all with an aim to personalise the workspace. A contrast of soft, organic features on one hand and the raw, hard elements of industrial design on the other is another feature that we expect to see rise next year.


One of the simple ways to add pizzazz to the design of any workplace is to use art. However, we’re no longer talking about images of sunsets on a tropical island and motivational quotes. Instead, there will be actual works of art present in many offices all over the world. This will show that your office, i.e. you, have taste, style and class. Regardless of whether we’re talking about abstract, impressionist or classic art, such elements always add a certain type of quality that no other feature can provide.

As you can see, most of the trends currently present will simply roll over into the next year, but we can expect some new ones to emerge, too. The most important thing, however, is that offices reflect the company culture and that they are designed with employees in mind, since no person can be productive and efficient in an environment that doesn’t encourage such features.


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