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When you own a business, what matters most to you is your employees and your customers. It is mainly due to your customers that you can continue to own a business in the field that is close to your heart. It is essential for every business owner to keep your customers satisfied. Here are some tips, including promotional products, to have customer retention of more than 82%.


One of the first things to do to keep your customers happy is to greet them and chat with them with a smile as well as good humor and professional body language. If you chat in person with visitors, you should dress appropriately. If customers ask you questions when they call you, they get quick and clear answers. The worst mistake would be to neglect your potential customers because you never know when they might decide to buy your products that are good for the trunk of the business.


Nothing is better than cleanliness to maintain a good brand image. Another way is through, of course, promotional items. When your customers come to visit you, nothing else brighten their day by giving them promotional items as gifts.

Promotional items are a great way to make your brand stand out and approach customers on the floor. But did you know that this is also a great opportunity to go about ensuring various objectives in terms of marketing? With unique promotional items, you can energize your existing customers, attract new professionals, and even gain fans from other demographics.


What is the best approach to personalize your promotional items to achieve these marketing objectives? The primary concern is to share the company’s newsfeed with the target audience. One of the easiest ways to engage the audience is to give away promotional items that demonstrate that your brand is innovative as well as unique.


Everyday life quality promotional items are always appreciated. Whether it is an umbrella, a pen, a key ring, an agenda or something else. You must ensure that these promotional items are of high quality and represent your corporate image well since many people will see them. This strategy also leads to word of mouth advertisement. Whether at home, at work or elsewhere, your promotional items will make their way! Nothing better to keep your customers satisfied year after year.


In most cases, you will not grow very big without a good base of potential customers. The goal is to convert non-customers into loyal consumers to generate leads. There is no better approach with promotional products for an occasion, such as a trade show or conference. The popular marketing strategy, “cold callings” are no longer effective. You need to draw attention in a slightly more generous way.

  • Offer an incentive – It is one of the best tools when you want to position your brand higher. Even small gifts, stylus or pen, will encourage visitors to give something back. Invite the people to subscribe to your newsletter or follow you on social media to win a better price.

  • Give something useful - Let's not be blind. Visitors to fairs and conferences receive a TON of promotional items. To stand out, it may be a good idea to offer something that can be of use like tech gifts (chargers, headphones, etc.) to make sure people are using what you give them.

  • Attract attention - This is especially important when planning an event when you are aware that the visitors will face a lot of competition. The best gifts in this situation are the ones that will draw attention to stand out even in a large crowd.


Almost 50% of customers do not dispose of their promotional items for a period of 1 to 4 years. It is a pretty good time to impress. If your main objective for your upcoming event is to position your brand as one of the major in its niche, unique promotional items are a good start.

  • Choose something specific to the industry - How can you promote your brand in a relevant and an impressive way? Find something that represents your business well. Moreover, successful promotional products are relevant to the finance, healthcare, technology, education, and non-profit sectors.

  • Social Media – What is the right way to promote quickly and effectively today? Social media is often the task identifier for that. Encouraging your visitors to share unique hashtags to enter your contests is a great way to gain visibility at a reasonable cost.


  • Use the right words to reach your audience. One of the most important aspects when entering a new segment is to understand the consumption habits in that region. For example, millennials are more likely to be loyal to companies with a good social media presence.

  • Graphics that are market-specific – If you have entered a grocery store recently, you have probably noticed several things that speak to the specific region where you can find it. A company entering the current market can use words, expressions or any elements linking the company to the region to attract new consumers.


Do not forget your already existing audience. It is fairly easy for you to help keep them happy and loyal by offering them personalised promotional items like these:

  • Give a gift of appreciation— Once in a while, it is a good idea to surprise the loyal and recurrent customers with a small gift (branded or not) to say thank you. If you are an e-commerce company, you can add a little something to a large online order; anything free is always a reason to appreciate!

  • Advertise your best customers on social media – You already know, the best way to keep your customers is to make them feel appreciated. You could consider adding one publication per month to thank your customer of the month, with a bonus if you add a photo of them using your promotional items!


If you still do not have a supplier who can create these promotional items that will allow you to keep your customers, it is time to contact Prime Promotional, who will have all your questions answered and will be able to create unique items for you allow.


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