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What are Keywords?

Typed in queries in a search engine often gives us insight into what people are looking for and how they are targeting their queries using a set few words to maintain relevancy.  Keyword research connects the business to an even larger set of audience. By targeting a large number of similar queries, we can easily pinpoint the most used and thus the most effective keyword on a topic. The content on the website is then modelled to adhering the keyword and its use effectively in articles of information and promotion.

How can competitor keywords research be used for enhancing SEO strategies?

In a scenario with two or more similar firms or businesses competing with each other in terms of sales and revenue generated, the one that has better competitive research done is bound to topple the others. Better competitive keyword research would lead to a greater influx of traffic into the business's website. Now given below are a few ways in which having a competitive keywords research done can contribute to your SEO strategies:

1. It gives us an idea of what they are working with:

If our niche business has a competitor who has indulged in SEO before and has got lucky with the efforts they put into competitive keyword research, using their keyword competition research strategies into ours can give us an insight into what keywords are working for them. It can also give us competitive knowledge on how to approach the business in terms of our competitor's products, pricing, staff levels and the traffic they might be getting due to successful promotions in social media.

2. It shows us new keywords we had never thought would be relevant to the business:

Businesses mostly use short-tail keywords containing a basic enquiry as they don't need thorough research to be located. Long-tail keywords providing layered enquiries by adding another dimension of characteristic specific to the business can do better in terms of keyword competition. There can be a plethora of words and combinations of keywords that can't be identified unless dedicated research is done for keyword competition and testing.

3. It shows us how well a certain keyword is working in the required sector:

More than three-fourths of the searches in Google (75%) are done by clicking on links on the first page. To appear on the first page of any search engine, we have to analyze the effectiveness of a keyword search in a particular sector and have to implement keywords in our websites that are the most suited competitive keywords as well.

4. Efficient customer conversion:

Providing relevance and reliance to the visitors to our page by popping up on the top of their searches and getting keywords in the websites they go to or search engine hyperlink directly to our business. Having such an upper hand on our competitors in both search indexing and relevancy might help skyrocket traffic to our website.


Thus keywords are an important part of managing an SEO venture of one’s business. The more these can be tweaked in our favour and against our competitors, the more hits to our page or traffic we can induce.


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