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Many people do not understand the importance of Instagram likes, and most times, they ignore them. The Instagram algorithm continues to operate as always despite the inconsistency of the like button.

Instagram likes increases profile engagement and bring it up on the search when the keyword is being searched. This increases the discoverability and leads to an increase in followers. There are many ways anyone can increase their likes on Instagram without much stress.

Likes reflect on how valuable some group of people sees the content. So above everything, your need to share quality content on your profile.

Let's get to the various ways you can get more likes.

  1. Post quality content.

People get drawn to things they can relate with and also attractive things. When posting a picture or video on your profile, you need to consider the picture's quality or video, the quality of information that the content is passing to the audience, the quality of the content of any brand builds trust from your audience and shows professionalism. Subconsciously, this happens to everyone and should be taken seriously. The competition on social media these days is alarming, and you don't want to be on the wrong side of your audience. To keep staying on top in any niche, you need to be consistent with your content and engagement quality.

  1. Using the right hashtags

Hashtags are vital on Instagram and have the potential to open your post to a whole new audience. Showing your profile to a whole new audience means putting your brand to potential followers and likes to your post. It is effective if you use it the right way.

Below are Some of the things to note when setting up your hashtags.

  • Make your hashtags short and simple(i.e., # cars)

  • Use many hashtags as possible. This is because a post with more hashtags the content gets more engagement.

  • Putting your hashtags in the right places. Most preferably in the comments, stories and bio.

  • Creating a branded hashtag is also very effective.

  1. Using reputable apps.

The two methods above may spend some time to add your Instagram likes or followers. Have you ever wondered is there any fast and safe way to get like and followers

There are apps out there that help people to increase their likes and followers on Instagram.

Some of these apps include:

''Followers Gallery'' is considered the best free instagram auto-like app, ''turbo like for Instagram'', '' magic liker'', ''follower pro'' and many more.

  1. Run a like-to-win contest.

This is a very effective way to gain more likes on your page without involving extra assistance. This method is common today as most celebrities do this when trying to give back to their fans. For example. You can offer to help 10 people post their content on your profile if you get 100k likes( the condition you give depends on your fan base). Make it real and achievable to encourage many people to participate. This also improves engagement on your profile as people will want to be updated with the activities on your profile.

  1. Stay on-trend.

Social media is all about what is happening now, and having information on what is trending draws people's attention to your page. To grow your likes, you need to put in hard work and always pay attention to details on what is happening across boards. Whether it relates to your brand or not, when you find anything interesting, try to post it on your profile and add a captivating caption. Captions also play a major role in getting people to like or comment on your contents.

Research has shown that people get to like and engage in controversial contents and captions. This attitude is known by many top celebrities and tries to use this at their advantage. Some people term it ''clout,'' but I see it as being smart. You have to do what ever you can to be top in the game( without harming anybody or assassinating people's character).

All this will help increase your Instagram likes and increase profile engagement on Instagram.

Always remember that like are still very much important on Instagram and go for the best option to get them.


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