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If you’re a small business owner, or simply trying to improve marketing, nothing works more in your favor than a professional business card. Having a professional business card to represent you, or your business can help get your name out there. The number of people who know of your business services, or product, will gradually increase either by direct contact or by word-of-mouth from people you shared your card with. Before you get too excited about what a business card can do for you, continue reading to know exactly how you can design an amazing professional business card that will work for you!

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4 Business Card Golden Rules of Professionalism

If you’re on a search for the perfect card design, then stop. The only perfect design for your professional business card is YOUR design! A professional business card should have a design that perfectly reflects you, your business, services, and personality. The only way to perfectly capture all of that in a business card while being professional is to design it yourself. If professionalism is your concern, then follow the five golden rules listed below. These rules are guaranteed to help you design a professional business card that perfectly represents you or your business.


  • Reflect your brand’s personality: Your business card is a representation of you and your business. For a business card to be professional it should match perfectly with the services you provide. For example, if you’re an independent law firm your business card wouldn’t appear professional if it has a flowery or animal design layout. For your business card to be professional and taken seriously, don’t go for pretty and elegant. Go for a design that can be associated with your business (VistaPrint, 2021).

  • Find the right typeface: Pretty and flashy can catch a person’s eye, but the question is will it keep that attention. The font you choose can be just as important as the layout. Depending on the business the font on the card can either be bold and dramatic, or plain and simple. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that it should: reflect your business, is readable, and emphasizes important information. Some elegant fonts will be tempting to use on your business card, but there’s no point in using them if it makes your card hard to read. A professional business card is easily readable and uses the font and font sizes to draw attention to different pieces of information on the card (VistaPrint, 2021).

  • Organize the Information: A professional business card provides potential customers with all the information they need to contact you, find the business, and find your online presence. Other than your name and job title all forms of contacting you, including social media, should be included on the card allowing a customer to contact you any way that is convenient for them. When adding your information show professionalism by organizing it carefully. Simply stated, all contact info should be listed together in the same font size making it distinguishable from other pieces of information that may be emphasized in different font sizes (VistaPrint, 2021).

  • White Space vs Space Print: Many businesses don't see the value in white space, but sometimes less is more. Having too much on your card can actually work against. It reduces the professionalism, and effectiveness, of a business card. Keep your information short, simple, and easy to follow. This is especially important if you want to place your business logo on your business card. Having enough white space to easily read your business card while having a logo can only help establish the professionalism of you, and your business card (WikKopy, 2021).


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