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Facebook is by far the most popularly spread social media platform worldwide, and provides business all over the world with immense business and networking opportunities. In comparison to traditional advertising media and platforms, Facebook is a much cheaper advertising outlet that provides a high value for money and extended campaign reach. Facebook allows marketers to target specific messages for specific types of individuals, and allows marketers to track everything in real time. Listed below are some of the other reasons why your company should use Facebook advertising and invest in the best Facebook advertising packages:

  1. Facebook has a huge user base

Facebook has an active user base of about 2 billion people – this number is insanely high in comparison to any other social media platform. Hence, irrespective of what your company sells and who your ideal customer is, you are likely to find a huge chunk of your target audience on Facebook. In addition to that, Facebook’s customer base is growing on a regular basis and will continue to grow for a long time. This simply increases your chances as a marketer to target more and more individuals.

  1. Facebook advertising is cost effective

Facebook advertising is extremely cost effective and is possibly the cheapest way you can reach your target market in comparison to forms of traditional marketing. Even if you decide to simply send $5 on your company’s Facebook page for ads, you would still be reaching thousands of individuals on a daily basis. This is rarely possible in traditional marketing media and the cost associated with TV or radio ads can cost you in thousands of dollars to reach similar amount of audience.

  1. Facebook allows you to track your campaigns

Facebook also allows marketers to track their campaigns and allows them to see how many people viewed a certain advertisement, how many of them saw the complete advertisement, how many people clicked on the specific advertisement, and then how many of them converted to sales and became your customer. This allows marketers to analyze what form and style of marketing posts and advertisement works for their company and which one does not. Marketers are also able to view a number of metrics including cost per conversion.

  1. Facebook advertising allows you to target specific individuals

Facebook’s advertising owes its popularity to its feature that allows marketers to target their ads to potential customers. On Facebook, marketers are able to target advertisements to individuals on the basis of their interests, their location, their gender, their age group, their level of education, and even on the basis of their relationship status, respectively. Marketers can also create a list of individuals that have been their customers or audience in the past and simply ask Facebook to target their ads to people like those.

  1. Facebook allows you to gain a competitive edge

If marketers understand the intricacies of Facebook marketing and use it to their advantage, they gain a specific edge over their competitors. Companies that are able to optimize and use Facebook advertising to their advantage alongside having a great product or service are able to stay ahead of their competition constantly.


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