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People often think of public relations (PR) as this confusing marketing field that is better left to the pros. And whilst it may be wiser to choose a reputable PR firm to handle your public messaging, PR is a daily operation undertaken by every representative of a company.

So, regardless of whether you are looking for a top financial PR agency to handle the ultimate PR game, here are some top tips for your company to master its everyday PR game.

  1. Know your brand

Know your brand and know how to convey that message. Pick a couple of top messages that you want to inform the public about and stick by these values so they know you are serious about them.

  1. Stick by your values

Because the ultimate PR disaster is when a brand goes against its values. We’ve seen it time and time again and it’s something that should be avoided. Choose your values, convey them to the public and stick to them!

  1. Know your media contacts

If you’re building a brand in a particular industry then you want to find websites, magazines, newspapers etc. that are going to actively promote your brand. Build a list of potential media contacts and start contacting them regarding your awesome product.

  1. Know journalists

Journalism, in a sense, is another form of marketing, or at least it can be used to your marketing advantage. Find out what journalists are related to your field and provide them with quality content or at least something to write about.

Get journalists involved with your product by inviting them to product events and get-togethers, creating a grand opportunity to show off your awesome product. If they like their experience with your brand then they will be more than likely to report on it!

  1. Know what sets you apart

You want your brand to stand out from the crowd. This is often done through the branding process with mottos, themes, logos, colours etc. Find what sets your brand apart and roll with it.

  1. Try live streams and webinars

Live streams and webinars can be amazing PR tactics as they convey you and your brand as an industry authority - something that is essential to winning customers. If you can get up on a webinar and answer your public’s questions about the product and industry then you are putting your brand forward as something to be chosen over the rest.

  1. On that note, go with digital marketing tactics

Digital marketing and PR go hand-in-hand, and particular digital marketing tactics are extensions of PR tactics. Think blogs and website content - all great for putting your brand out there and winning new customers.

  1. Get social

Social media, like other digital marketing elements, is a great way to get your brand’s name out there. Post regularly on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms to get your brand out there and make it known that you’re a key industry player.

  1. Create comprehensive marketing coverage

PR is so much more than just having your product written about in the Sunday Life magazine - it’s about creating a comprehensive marketing campaign that ticks many of the PR boxes. Think everything from stakeholder engagement, face-to-face meetings, sponsorship, promotions, community get-togethers and more.

There are plenty of ways you can convey your product to the public - it’s about finding the ones that are most valuable for your brand.


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