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Today we will talk about the marketing tips for 2022. In this post, you’ll understand the basic and important aspects of digital marketing and you should prepare for implementation. Let’s start conversation with the AI

AI makes it possible to integrate two marketing strategies:

  • * Offer the right offers to customers at the right time
  • * Provide excellent after-sales service

The AI ​​can read the signals and detect, in real time, a visitor's intention to buy, upgrade their account, and even cancel a subscription. By integrating it into your customer experience, you can automatically deliver unique and relevant offers. 

However, robots are not enough. It is essential to maintain a human side in your customer service. For example, a chatbot that only offers automated interactions may trick the customer into believing that the company prioritizes savings over helpfulness. Consumers need to be able to alert a "human" at any point in the conversation.

Evolution of location criteria

With the pandemic, consumers have adopted second places of residence. For marketers, this means a change in their strategy. For example, the targeted places will have to evolve to include more smaller towns, even villages. In 2022, it is advisable to update the demographic profile of your audience. Via polls, surveys and tests, consider checking whether the place of life, as well as shopping habits, has changed. In fact, during the pandemic, 56% of consumers preferred to obtain supplies from local shops.

AR and VR will be more accessible

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality provide the ability to create interactive and creative commercials. With the launch of the Facebook metaverse, these technologies have reached a new level. In 2020, the AR / VR market size exceeded billions of euros. By 2024, this figure is expected to reach 63.5 billion euros. Why ? Because these technologies are becoming more advanced, more accessible and above all less expensive. 2022 will therefore be the start of the big leap into the virtual world for many companies. Recent marketing campaigns integrating AR or VR include the clothing brand, Balenciaga. The latter now allows Fortnite players to purchase branded virtual outfits directly in the game.

AI at the service of influencer marketing

Let's start with the fact that influencer marketing is very important and even TikTok has proved the point. You can get very popular on TikTok and be a real influencer. Buy TikTok likes and get high-quality content all the time.  Valued at nearly 8.5 billion euros in 2020, the influencer market must exceed the 13 billion mark in 2022. The majority of marketers devote more than 20% of their spending to influencer marketing. The next phase will be the widespread adoption of Artificial Intelligence to detect the most relevant influencers. Indeed, algorithms are able to view and analyze millions of content from influencers in a few moments. They can therefore provide an accurate selection of potential partners to fulfill your goals. The other impact of AI will be the increasing popularization of virtual influencers. These fictional characters were created by algorithms, gaining popularity with the Z generation. This trend will be accentuated by the launch of virtual spaces like the Facebook metaverse.


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