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Are all SEO the same? No. Websites of larger companies have intricately designed websites that require careful consideration while planning their search engine optimization (SEO) content. With 99% of Australians having internet connections, the most popular online activities are email and web browsing, banking, video streaming and shopping. 93% of their online experience begins from SEO, and 75% of them never scroll past the first page of their search results. 50% of web traffic a website gets is from organic search. Therefore, larger companies with thousands of web pages and keywords need to do all they can to stand out among the competition. An Enterprise SEO Agency and its strategies form effective tools in helping companies achieve the goal.

First Stop, Understanding Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO involves strategies that improve the organic presence of a larger company in the search engines and the revenue it generates. It is defined by the number of pages on the site and not the employees. Larger enterprises usually have thousands of web pages. Therefore, unlike general search engine optimization techniques used for small businesses, enterprise SEO strategies must be scalable so that these companies can maintain their rankings in the search engine. Enterprise SEO tactics might not work for smaller businesses as they do for larger ones. One of the main differences is that larger companies generally target short tail, competitive keywords. These larger companies require expert SEO teams from an Enterprise SEO Agency to track and maintain organic search rankings.

How Does Enterprise SEO Benefit Larger Businesses?

The SEO issues larger companies face are complex due to the higher number of web pages and backlinks they contain. They also have greater brand authority. But they also must ensure that they don’t undermine such authority by deleting or redirecting the pages with backlinks and other high authority pages. They must keep the content up-to-date. Therefore, an enterprise SEO must be scalable, smarter and sophisticated.

Effective SEO Strategies For Enterprises

Creating Page Templates

SEO plays a crucial role when companies create new pages for the site. An enterprise SEO agency has dedicated teams who create templates that website developers can replicate multiple times to optimize organic search results.

Internal Cluster Linking

The more backlinks a web page has, the more organic traffic it receives from larger search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Companies can use outreach strategies to find unlinked mentions and turn them into effective backlinks. During the keyword research process, enterprise SEO teams come across numerous potential internal links that increase traffic. They can pass on these internal links to the content creators and advise them to link them to the pillars or other internal content they produce. This internal cluster or pillar content linking at scale is essential for a higher website ranking.


Automation is key to implementing enterprise SEO at a scale that can handle the competition from other larger businesses. Automation can help enterprise SEO tasks like meta descriptions, keyword research, monitoring backlinks, identifying problems on the site, analysing title tags etc., and simplify the website management process. Enterprise SEO teams must also eliminate technical issues like 301 redirects that can hamper the crawlability of the websites.

Content Gap Analysis

Quality content creation with targeted keywords is an essential driver of a company website. Established businesses that have been in the market for a long might feel like they have saturated the information they have written about the topics in their industry. In such situations, they require dedicated SEO teams to conduct regular content gap analysis and keyword research to find new content that the website can post.


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