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Are your monthly utility bills higher than you expect? It may be because of your single-pane windows with poor insulation. If that’s the case, you need energy efficient windows with good insulation that considerably reduce your home’s energy usage and consequently your bills. There are many window glass types you can use to replace the once you currently have, and though it may seem like a taxing and expensive task to get your windows replaced, it can actually save you a lot of money while making your home much more cosy. Here are a few ways you can save money with energy efficient windows:

1. Save on Utility Bills.

It doesn’t matter what the weather patterns are where you live. Energy efficient windows save energy and hence money on utility bills in both hot and cold climate regions. Think of windows as little holes in your home that let the energy leave your house. If these holes are not properly installed and are left open, you are letting more energy leave your house. In cold climates, energy saving windows prevent heat from escaping the house, thereby enabling heating systems to work longer, and consequently reducing the energy costs. Similarly, in hot climates, they don’t let the external heat enter the house, thereby decreasing the dependence on internal cooling systems to keep the temperature low.

2. Save on Cooling and Heating Equipment.

Your windows greatly affect your heating and cooling needs. Energy efficient windows lower the heating-and-cooling requirements by 33-50% for an average-sized house. Homeowners normally rely on heating and cooling machinery like air conditioners, fans, furnaces etc. One of the best options in order to keep the outside temperature from your house is the double glazing windows. Some of the double glazing benefits are that you’ll spend less on heating-cooling equipment, it will reduce the outside noise, it will increase the value of the house and it’s eco-friendly. The best part is that it won’t affect how much light enters your house.

3. Increased Resale Value.

Energy efficient windows do not only save energy but also provide a high return on investment by increasing your home’s resale value. These windows also make your house look more trendy. They significantly increase your curb appeal by improving the overall look of your house. An increased curb appeal and the benefits that come with energy efficient windows helps you attract potential buyers when selling your house.

4. Save on Maintenance expenses.

Energy efficient windows decrease the risk of molds. With these windows, there’s decreased condensation build-up around your windows. Moreover, the window coating of energy efficient windows prevents water patches and dirt accumulation outside. With less clean-up to do, your maintenance expenses will be greatly reduced.

5. House Safety and Security

Lastly, energy efficient windows help you save on insurance. Their highly durable double pane glass is very hard to break and protects your house from thunderstorms and hurricane damage. Many of these perils are not covered under a standard homeowners’ insurance and homeowners normally buy add-on coverage to cover these perils.


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