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Australia's Tech Advantage - How is Technology transforming businesses and economy? - Topic of the latest webinar going to be hosted by Kalkine Media on November 25, 2021

SYDNEY, Nov. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Technology is changing the way we live and work in ways we could not predict just a generation ago. AI, blockchain and quantum computing are the new buzzwords presenting significant opportunities for people, businesses, and the broader economy. Not to mention is the Australia's Tech Advantage with businesses embracing technology efficiently and effectively. As we emerge from the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, a thriving digital economy is critical to Australia's overall economic recovery. Australian Tech Innovators are undoubtedly making a mark on a global platform.

Get insights on Australia's Tech Future from three of Kalkine Media's valued clients - Aerologix Pty Ltd, Jaaims Australia & Zenphi Pty Ltd. Co-Founder at Aerologix Pty Ltd Mr. Rakesh Routhu, CEO & Founder of Jaaims Australia Mr Tui Eruera and CEO of Zenphi Pty Ltd Mr. Vahid Taslimi are all coming together on November 25th, 2021, at 12:30 pm AEDT to discuss the Australia's Tech Advantage.

Aerologix Pty Ltd is one of the fast-growing drone network and aerial imaging solutions provider in Australia. Driven by the mission to eliminate the gap between licensed pilots and its client's aerial mission through an expansive, intelligent network, Aerologix is gaining grounds in the industry.

The firm offers a 'uber for drones' solution utilising the latest cutting-edge technology to support a large distribution network of on-demand drone pilots and its clients.

Jaaims Australia Pty Ltd is a financial services technology company that offers a revolutionary automated online trading application Jaaims. Jaaims makes calculated trades on behalf of the users by automatically analysing and predicting trades using a sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm. Jaaims is powered to analyse more than 10 million pieces of data every day across 1,000 global stocks in the ASX200, FTSE100, S&P500 and the XETRA. Jaaims automatically buys and sells shares eliminating the emotion associated with making trading decisions yourself.

Zenphi Pty Ltd is a Google Cloud Partner that enables quick and easy process automation for making Google workflow simpler. Zenphi empowers its users to automate their processes immediately as it has a refined and strong back-end secured by an intuitive and easy to use front-end. Zenphi is designed and developed on Google Cloud and has been hand-crafted for Google. Moreover, Zenphi is a true No Code automation platform for Google Workspace that eliminates the complexity of coding and maintaining Apps Script by making automation fast and intuitive. 

About Kalkine Media

Kalkine Media is an investor relations group and a media house with its wings spread across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and the US. It aims to keep its readers abreast of the latest and trending news on the equity and commodity markets, the unravelling economy and other business developments. 

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