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Guizhou Satellite TV explores "slow lifestyle" of Qianxinan, Guizhou

GUIYANG, China, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- With wellness resorts and Xingyi of great culture, the prefecture Qianxinan in Guizhou is China's capital of wellness all year round. This scenic and humanistic place has unique natural scenery and rich cuisine culture to offer. The prefecture Qianxinan in Guizhou is featured with beautiful mountains and rivers, a pleasant climate and deep cultural heritage, and is located in the world's recognized golden climate ecological zone.

The short video series "Be My Guest · Modern Guizhou", originally produced by Guizhou Satellite TV, invites foreign friends to Guizhou in the form of reality shows to record their real lives in the local area. In this episode, Gulandom Mahmudova, a Tajik girl studying at Peking University, has received an invitation from a native young man of prefecture Qianxinan, Fang Jingxuan, to start her summer wellness trip here. During this trip, they have visited the Chinese version of "Alnwick Castle of Harry Potter", driven a riverboat on Wanfeng Lake, sat at the top of the Peak of the Heavenly Emperor and gazed in awe at the countless silver waterfalls in the valley of River Maling. On this piece of beautiful land, they have wandered about in the yellow-green rice fields and ridden on the quiet paths, as if life had slowed down.

"When I came to Xingyi, I felt as if I had returned to my hometown." Gulandom Mahmudova was deeply touched by the beautiful scenery of Xingyi, the cuisine, as well as the kind and simple people. She hopes to visit to other places in Guizhou in the future to experience more local customs.

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