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Dating seems complex at times, but the reality is that it doesn’t have to be. Too often, couples find themselves forced into awkward dates and situations that leave them wanting to run for the door. While they might have spent time using a range of free dating sites in Australia, all singles want is to find someone they feel a connection to, but that’s not always how it works. So, when dating, why not think outside the box and try something different? You don’t have to spend time dining out together or having drinks at the bar. You can mix it up, have fun and spend time together while working out, but how?

Join a Yoga Class

Yoga is proving extremely popular because it provides a relaxed experience and something that feels different. Whether you’re experienced in yoga or have never attempted it, it’s time to explore the benefits with your date. Let the atmosphere and interesting positions leave you intrigued but have fun spending time together! Of course, since the pandemic roams wild, it would be wise to first get your dose of vaccine before going out in public.

Try a Spinning Class

Getting hot and sweaty might not appeal to many, but this workout experience will certainly bring you closer together. The high-intensity experience and thrill of working hard and showing how fit and powerful you are will really show your partner what you’re about. Once you’re finished, you’ll both feel great and ready to take the date elsewhere.

Keep fit Outdoors

Gyms and classes aren’t always a necessity when working out, and that’s proven by working out together. Create your own workout together by running through the park and even using outdoor workout equipment. The opportunity to jog together and chat at the same time provides a unique chance to get closer. Furthermore, you can encourage each other to work harder and push yourself further. After you’ve completed the workout, it’s time to head for a well-deserved drink!

Play a Sport Together

While there are not many sports available for you to play together, there are some you can enjoy. Why not arrange a game of tennis together? Whether you’re a seasoned tennis player or new to the game, playing it together guarantees plenty of action and laughter. The game will definitely bring you closer together and inspire you to learn more about each other.

Remember to Keep it Fun

Turning a workout into a date provides a unique approach to going out. Too often, usual and classic date ideas can prove to be boring, and that leaves your date feeling deflated and disappointed. However, if they’re a keen fitness fanatic, then working out will certainly keep them entertained and interested at the same time. Remember to make sure that working out must be exciting and fun but never competitive because nobody wants to compete and end up falling out during the date! Keep it simple or explore new opportunities to workout, but more importantly, keep the conversation flowing, and your partner will love spending time with you, even if they’re working hard at the same time!


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