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A gummy smile, also known as ‘excessive Gingival display’ is an occurrence when a proportionally large amount of gum tissue is displayed when smiling. It’s largely common for individuals with a gummy smile to look for ways to fix it as it allows for a more authentic and natural smile. Fortunately, there are several ways that have proved to fix this beauty issue. They include:

  1. Orthodontic Treatment

This method is most suitable where your gummy smile is caused by orthodontic issues such as a bad bit or minor jaw problems. This treatment involves use of orthodontic braces and invisalign, which effectively correct the bite issues and jaw problems. End result is that your gums appear much smaller when smiling thus fixing the gummy smile issue.

  1. Gingivectomy/Gum Lifting

Gingivectomy as a way of fixing a gummy smile is most effective when patients experience an excess of gum tissue as the primary cause of this problem. Gingivectomy procedure involves the removal of excess gum tissue. The remaining tissue is then re-shaped -ultimately exposing more of your teeth.

  1. Lip Surgery

Having a short or hyper-active upper lip often translates to more gum exposure when smiling -thus the problem. Therefore, your dentist may recommend a lip repositioning surgery as a way of fixing the gummy smile problem.

  1. Crown Lengthening Surgery

This type is most effective when your teeth haven’t fully erupted -which makes them appear short. To lengthen the crown, gum tissue (and bone) is removed, thus exposing more teeth. This allows for the gums to withdraw to their correct position.

  1. Veneers or Dental Crowns

Sometimes the upper tooth set may appear too short -which impacts the amount of gum tissue visible when one smiles. This has also been reported to be caused by wear and even genetics. As a solution, veneer or crowns can be applied as a form of dental restoration which makes your teeth appear longer. The end-result is well balanced teeth and gums thus solving the gummy smile problem.

  1. Laser Gum Contouring

Whereas this method also involves removing the extra gum tissue, the patients don’t have to undergo surgery to achieve results. Instead, the dentist uses special dental lasers to remove the extra tissue. Returning the gum tissue to their rightful size ultimately solves the gummy smile.

  1. Jaw Surgery

A jaw surgery may be relevant in cases where the jaw is too large resulting in a gummy smile. Ideally, too large of a jaw means that more than 7mm of gum is exposed. The bone shortening procedure is referred to as orthognathic surgery and involves shifting the entire jaw upwards.


There are a variety of causes and ways to fix the gummy smile. It may be caused by several issues, some of them being; a hyperactive upper lip, abnormal tooth eruption, muscular issues, jaw development problems -just to mention a few. Depending on the type of underlying cause, a specialist will recommend the most effective method for you.


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