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DUBLIN, Dec. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Luxury Escapes, Australia's leading global platform of curated hotels and resorts, has signed a new partnership with CarTrawler, the leading B2B technology provider of car rental and mobility solutions to the global travel industry, to offer its customers car rental options, in addition to holiday bookings, for the first time.

Car rental options will be available to the company's global customer base of more than 7 million across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, the US and the UK. The partnership will give Luxury Escapes customers access to a diverse fleet of high-end and affordable vehicles, including electric vehicles, at competitive prices.

Commenting on the partnership, Adam Schwab CEO of Luxury Escapes said: "By partnering with CarTrawler, we are delighted to be able to add car rental to our array of customer offerings. We strive to provide holidaymakers with quality and variety when it comes to booking their trips and CarTrawler's proprietary technology will complement our existing offerings and enable us to provide customers with an enhanced booking experience."

CCO of CarTrawler, Aileen McCormack, said: "We are so delighted that Luxury Escapes have selected CarTrawler to provide car rental solutions to their vast customer base, providing them with access to car rental from over 50,000 locations globally. Luxury Escapes strive to provide personalised offers to their customers at a competitive price point, and the car rental platform we have created for Luxury Escapes will do just that. We are excited to enjoy a long-term relationship with Luxury Escapes and consistently growing their car rental offering."

About Luxury Escapes 

Luxury Escapes is one of the world's leading luxury travel providers, with more than 7 million members globally. The mobile-first, technology-led online retailer focuses on using technology to create the world's best experiences, from booking to travel. 

About CarTrawler

CarTrawler is the leading B2B technology provider of car rental and mobility solutions to the global travel industry. CarTrawler's propriety technology, the Connect Platform, delivers unrivalled ancillary revenue to some of the largest airlines, online travel agents, hotels and travel providers in the world including Emirates, United Airlines, Uber, easyJet and American Express Travel.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, CarTrawler has a team of over 400 employees whose sole focus is to drive successful partnerships. CarTrawler creates and powers customised solutions which are easily integrated into partners' websites and mobile apps, providing their customers with access to car rental and mobility options in 50,000+ locations - more than anyone else in the world. This is further enhanced by CarTrawler's revenue management system, which includes market leading pricing models and algorithms built by the CarTrawler Data Science Team. Find out more at

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