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You can both figuratively and literally take your shed to new heights. For property owners who are short on space but need that extra space, the trusty mezzanine is the ultimate way to make it happen.

If you’re looking for the most fair dinkum sheds Melbourne has available, then it will be a great appendage.

Here are five reasons why you can’t overlook one of these legendary additives:

  1. They add amazing amounts of storage space

If you are a business or property owner who needs extra storage space you simply cannot overlook the mezzanine. They provide ample storage space for boxed goods and this means having staff working at the one central storage facility.

This greatly reduces the costs of buying land to build a new warehouse or renting one out for extortionate amounts of money. What’s more, in warehousing a high ceiling is nothing more than wasted space - make the most of it by installing something that can be put to extremely good use!

  1. Residential mezzanines can be converted into extra rooms

Many owners love the potential of being able to convert their installation into a new bedroom. This is because they can easily be equipped with plumbing and electrical facilities, meaning that there is really no limit to how well you can convert the space.

Fully customisable, mezzanines are designed to allow for not only bedroom conversions, but for whatever style of room you might be looking for, including recreational and office spaces. In Australia it's construction comes with rigorous safety guidelines, so you can be sure that the conversion will be a safe and seamless process!

  1. They are highly affordable

Mezzanines are one of the most affordable additions you can install in your space. Not only that, the return on investment potential is massive, especially when you consider the increased space and productivity that can be created by installing one of these timeless structures.

Whether you use the mezzanine for storage or for a fully equipped work or office space, the potential for earning your money back and then some is absolutely limitless, so why not invest in something that will truly optimise your earning potential?

  1. They increase your property’s value

Mezzanines are not only one of the best ways to increase your property’s storage space as well as being one of the most convertible additions you can have, but they are also revered for increasing a property’s resale value.

You may not always have the same needs for your property, and you might decide to one day up or downsize business, in which case you will need to sell your existing property for something more suitable. It’s even better when you can score an extra few thousand for your business or your next property purchase, and a high quality mezzanine can ensure this happens.

This is just another handy reason why they are such a practical investment, as they not only increase space but can provide you with a fantastic extra payment when it’s time to move to another place.

  1. They can be disassembled

Or, if you one day find that you have no more need for the mezzanine (which we doubt you will!) you can simply disassemble it! They are highly versatile and interchangeable, and don’t require much effort to disassemble if you have different goals in mind or simply don’t have the need for it in the future!


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