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For many years, the traditional sewerage lines and pipe developments were not enough due to the long wait and cracking. The traditional sewer pipe repairs involved cracking the earth to find the particular pipe and then perform the repairs. The traditional contractors perform digging using the standard tools with large excavators, which results in a large mess. Back in the days, the standard procedures for diggings were too costly and carried more disadvantages rather than the benefits. However, technological advancements have now paved the way for developments and repairs by introducing new and headway tools that facilitate the contractors.

The trenchless sewer repair is an innovative solution for sewer and pipelines that excludes the heavy machinery and digging process. The trenchless sewer technology eliminates daunting repair practices that involved excavators or digging machinery to carry out the repairs. This technology involved digging a small hole near the damaged line and then performing the repairs only through that hole. The trenchless technology has revolutionized the plumbing industry with many benefits that serve both the contractors as well as the homeowners. The trenchless technology not only eliminates the use of excavators but it is also an economical and time-saving construction. Let’s discuss how trenchless technology works.

How does Trenchless Technology Work?

The trenchless repair technology works with three main residential plumbing.

  1. Pipe Lining

Trenchless sewer repair involves as little digging as possible with the use of modern equipment to identify and fix the problem. As there is no use of excavators, the contractors use regular digging tools like an auger or pick mattock to dig two pits in the ground. These two pits are dug for the easy identification and replacement of the sewer line. After the digging is done, a sewer camera is run across the sewer to identify the location of the damage in the pipe. The sewer professional identifies the problem with the footage on the other end and then decides the solution to the problem.

After the identification process, the sewer professional fits a machine on one side of the pit and replaces the new pipe with the damaged one. Trenchless professionals can send in the pipeline through the damaged pipe where it can be sealed off to stop the leakage. This process is done with the help of hydraulics to move the pipe towards the damaged location.

  1. Pipe Bursting

In the pipe bursting, the plumber professional replaces the pipeline without digging the respective grounds. In fact, the digging is involved in each process, but it’s not the kind of digging that an excavator does. Even a small diameter pit that can reach to the pipeline can do the job easily. After digging the pit, the plumber professional once again streams the micro-video camera through kitchen or laundry lines to identify the location of the damaged pipe. Once identified, a new replacement pipe is now carried to that damaged pipe. The assistance of hydraulics carries the replacement pipe inside the damaged one. After that, a pipe burster is introduced through the pipe, which shatters the old one as it stays no longer of use. After the destruction of the old pipe, the replacement pipe is connected back to the mainline and finishes the repair.

  1. Fresh Installation

Not just the damaged repairs, but trenchless technology also assists in your completely new pipeline installation in the home. Many people fear the heavy costs and the traditional digging process that turns the gardens into the paleontological dig. However, there is no need to worry about it because this installation is done during home construction. Meanwhile, the trenchless technology works effectively by digging the horizontal directional hole that assists in carrying the pipe across it. Traditional installations are also carried this way but they are not the efficient ones in terms of time as well as labor.

Benefits of Trenchless Technology

The trenchless technology has brought innovations in traditional sewer repairs while entailing many benefits. Whether it is to mend the pipeline, remove the damaged one or complete new installation, trenchless repairs never stay back on the advantages. Let’s discuss some benefits of trenchless technology.

  • Time-Saving

Traditional sewer line repairs initially involve the digging process which takes more than half of the time for repairs. The digging process also escalates to further grounds, which makes it even more complex to handle. However, trenchless technology, on the other hand, is a sustainable and efficient construction practice that involves the least amount of pits. These pits are the only sources of identification for the problem related to the damage or replacement of the sewerage pipes. That process is less time consuming and assists in finding the actual complications. Hiring trenchless technology services increases the potential benefits and saves the customers to delve about the leakage by themselves.

  • Saves Money

Trenchless technology is completely a money saver because of work efficiency and minimal labors. Plus the construction doesn’t conflict with the structural arrangements. As the trenchless technology involves single machinery there is no digging equipment required for creating the trenches. The trenchless repairs work with a minimum of two pits, which are small enough to pass the mini-video cameras or the pipes. These minimal digging practices put all the extended costs of traditional construction at ease. Moreover, the labors involved in the traditional repairs are more as compared to the trenchless. This means that trenchless repairs involve very few labors to finish the pipeline repair because most of the work is done by the machinery itself.

  • Little Cluttering

Trenchless technology involves less digging, which leads to the benefits of little cluttering in the ground. The small pits of trenchless repairing do the job easily without damaging the grounds. It becomes quite difficult to comprehend the problem in the cluttered ground. On the other side, little pits can be replaced with their respective soil and it will look like nothing happened there. Choosing the trenchless technology holds more benefits by digging only two pits rather than tearing up your whole garden.

  • Long-Lasting

The trenchless technology repair always lasts longer than the standard plumber repairs. The actual reason for that is the use of Perma-liner equipment and epoxy resin pipelining. These pipe polymers are so strong that they can continue to run for 50 years. Moreover, the perma-liner equipment also ensures time-saving and cost-effectiveness, which derives the benefits of trenchless technology. The easier identification with the use of a mini-video camera allows plumbers to perceive the problem quickly. While the epoxy-resin pipes stand out for the benefits of surviving harsh pressure or weather conditions. The thermoset plastics are durable, clean, resistant to the corrosion underground, and never break due to the underground tree roots.

  • Eco-Friendly

The traditional digging and repairing practice increases the risk of blowing up all the pavements and ground. But the trenchless technology not only reduces the cost and labor it also promotes an eco-friendly environment. The standard procedures worsen the situation of the ground that affects the trees and other natural materials. Meanwhile, the small holes in the ground with the use of modern technology are the only effective choice for sewer repair.

  • Safety

Trenchless technology prioritizes safety benefits for both customers as well as the plumber. As the use of inconvenient tools is outdated, they also become a danger for the workers. While the trenchless machinery does the job itself, which is guided by the worker outside the ground. On the other side, rust and other harmful chemicals can submerge themselves into the home water lines which can raise the health complications for households.

Final Words

The trenchless technology is very easy to adapt and reliable for the protection of pipelines. While the benefits of the repair ensure the life extension of the pipes, without any harm to the outside environment. In the end, always rely on trenchless technologies rather than saving extra money for the standard yet treacherous procedures.


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